Best protein supplement in India

Best Protein Supplement in India

best protein supplement in india

If you are a guy who has just joined the gym or just not been able to complete the daily protein requirements. Then you have landed on the right page. As we are moving towards a more fit and healthy lifestyle we are understanding the importance of protein in our diet and daily routine. As India is still a country where the majority of families prefer Rice, Roti meal that is full of carbs. It gets very difficult for a person like you to complete your protein requirements whether you just want a simple boost in your energy levels or want to bulk up in the gym.

But before bulking up you must listen to this for proper info of insulin that makes a great impact.


So, We have collected reviews from many gym trainers and pro guys for the below list of protein that gives the best results. You might think that all the protein supplements are very costly. Well, it’s not totally true. There are no. of protein supplements available now in India as the market for Health supplements is expanding day by day.  so, here is that list of best protein supplements in India(All the images are linked with the product’s shopping page at a discounted price).

                                              Starter Pack

1.Protein X

This is the most known protein supplement in the Indian market. If you are thinking to just complete your basic protein requirement then this is a good choice. It has a protein quantity of 8 grams per serving i.e. of 25gms. The caloric count is 93calories per serving which is just ok. It costs around 450 rupees per 400gm pack. It has a good nutrient profile except for one thing its sugar quantity which is around 8gm per serving.

2.Horlicks Protein +

We know Horlicks since we were kids and it is a supplement that every mom wants to add in the milk in order to make the milk tastier and nutrition completion. This is their new product launched a couple of months ago. It has the almost same profile as protein x but has some additional stuff like this is a blend of whey, soy, and casein protein. It has 33gms of protein per 100gm of serving. It has a negative point that it is high in carbs i.e. 56gms of carbs per 100gm serving.

3.Healthkart Beginner’s protein

If you go slightly higher on the budget this one can be a good choice. Healthkart always offers great products and this is one of them. For beginners or normal people, this product qualifies the line. It has almost the same protein amount but has 0gms of sugar in it. It has overall good profile which makes it a worthy product to invest on. However, if you want to gain some mass or bulk up then you have to move to our below category.

                                                Lean Bulk

So, if you are an individual who just wants to get in good shape and perform well in the gym. You don’t need to invest a huge amount to get in that shape.

4. Muscleblaze

The products of Muscleblaze in the middle budget are amazing. It gives you the thing you are just needed just within your budget. The products of Muscleblaze are quite popular in India and worth trying. Muscleblaze whey protein comes around 1900 and has up to the marker profile with 25grams of protein in every 33grams of serving with no added sugar and limiting carbs to 3gms. The response is also good as well as the taste.

5.Ultimate Nutrition Prostar

This protein is quite famous among beginners and intermediate gym bros. It has a protein profile of 25gms in every 30gm serving. It comes around 5500 Indian rupees for a pack of 5.28lbs. it provides good recovery time. Although it is criticised for its taste by some overall it is a nice product.


This protein is one of the awesome protein supplements. It contains 84% of the protein in every serving and has a variety of flavors available. Myprotein is also known for best quality check procedure. It has a nice profile of nutrients and also has 2g of leucine per serving. It comes at the price of 4800 for 5.28lbs. It is a great product with nice reviews all around. If you are looking for tasty and good protein this is the best option. Click on the image to buy.

7.Muscle pharm Combat

This is one of the best proteins available in the market. Its effectiveness is very high and has good taste. It has also the same profile of 25gm of protein per serving. Its results are always good. There are some issues with its mixability and thickness. But the thing that matters the most is that you get results. This product has a good review history and promises value to your money.


This product assures that you get the best supplementation for your body and requirement. It has 2.7 gm leucine in every serving with 25gm of protein and 5.5gms of BCAA. It has nice mixability and also digests fast. It comes for around 6000 Indian rupees. So, if you really want to gain hard this one will definitely suit you. Click the image to buy at the discounted price.

9.Optimum Nutrition Whey


Optimum’s whey protein is said to be the best protein among all the top contenders. This is known as the king of this protein supplement market. It is just perfect in every aspect whether we talk about the availability of flavors, mixability or taste, and most important the performance. This is the reason why this product is suffering from duplicity in India at a very high rate. So, be sure before purchasing or click the image above.

So, this was the list of Best protein supplement in India with their pros and cons. Leave a comment below for any queries.

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