5 Things you missed to notice in Aquaman

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Aquaman was a very amazing movie to enjoy with a pop corn tub. The movie was full of action, amazing scenes and a slightly different concept. Aquaman released on 14 December, 2018 and got a great response from audience. No doubt, every aspect of the movie is interesting and enjoyable. […]

How to get god level energy

how to get god level energy

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People always ask how to get god level energy to excel in every field of life. Everyone wants to become a beast and conquer the world with their charisma and influence. If you are also one of them who likes to just kill it with enthusiasm and power then I […]

OK with the situation? You are lying because..

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Being just Ok with any situation means you are not happy from inside and you are desperately looking for help or change. If someone asks you that hows your life going and you answer just fine and ok! then you know deep down that you are lying. In simple words […]

quitting porn

Struggling with porn addiction? Read this

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How to quit porn is the most common searched on the internet today. A majority of people still believe that watching porn after a limited interval is fine. But, You don’t get a clue when your part-time desire activity becomes an addiction. People get trapped in this cage for years […]

Dopamine Fast importance

What is dopamine fast? Why it is effective

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What is Dopamine Fast? Dopamine fast is a phase when you don’t get engaged in any activity that gives you pleasure and makes you feel good. It includes Listening to music, watching porn, using social media, nicotine,Shopping, No Sugary Dish, Quitting TV and web series. I know that this is […]

Earth's nightmare

Why you are not going to live for long!

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Yes! you read the title right. You are not going to live for a long time. The reason is the Changing things on the Earth which is leading us to our end. You and I we all have ignored it in the past and still ignoring this fact that something […]

Hey you! yes You are not suitable for becoming an Entrepreneur

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Reasons why you will not succeed as an entrepreneur In this competitive world, we are bound to do something different in order to fulfill our growing needs. It gets very important to have multiple income streams and that is why most who people enroll in a job and a routine […]


The Disturbed life cycle of this century

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Money Impact If you are an individual who thinks that “money means the world” then congratulations you are also one of the members of the sick group of our society. We are moving in such a fast way that we have forgotten the meaning of our lives. The life doesn’t […]


How to use confidence to get what you want from life?

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Do you think you lack confidence? Or do you think you are overconfident? I am sure that at the end of this you might be able to make it out. Life is too short to be upset about things you don’t have. When I was a teenager I also suffered […]


Are you in Depression? | Maybe you are wrong!!!

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                  The real meaning of  DEPRESSION We go around and start living in new places sometimes may be due to work or maybe any other reason. Being in the place with completely new people brings difficulties and lessons. There are many observations […]