The Success Mantra

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Success… We all aspire to it, talk about it, envy those who achieve it, we think about it, fight for it. It is really worth it. Success comes with reaching our aims and it brings us incomparable satisfaction and happiness. That gives us a unique opportunity to be happy every […]

OK with the situation? You are lying because..

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Being just Ok with any situation means you are not happy from inside and you are desperately looking for help or change. If someone asks you that hows your life going and you answer just fine and ok! then you know deep down that you are lying. In simple words […]


The Disturbed life cycle of this century

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Money Impact If you are an individual who thinks that “money means the world” then congratulations you are also one of the members of the sick group of our society. We are moving in such a fast way that we have forgotten the meaning of our lives. The life doesn’t […]