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If you are an individual who thinks that “money means the world” then congratulations you are also one of the members of the sick group of our society. We are moving in such a fast way that we have forgotten the meaning of our lives.

The life doesn’t mean a job that pays well and a partner that cares well. Most of the people don’t realize this fact that life is living it up to its optimum extent.

From the birth only we get trapped in the terms known as Making Money for that we are being sent to School which tells us that work hard and accomplish your dreams.

In the race of achieving our dreams, we are getting too much busy in our motive of making money that we don’t realize the real meaning of life. It includes things like establishing a lifelong friendship, traveling on the unknown roads, exploring the path that is unknown, trying something new every day and live with excitement, making every day the best day of our life.

I know it sounds like some spiritual guru is giving a boring lecture but it is the reality that we don’t want to face. People are literally busy on their own and don’t realize what they are missing.

 Fake happiness

You can judge the scenario by this fact that the love is available online without knowing each other two strangers meet and broke up and believe that it is the real love. Love does not only need to be permanent but also trustable which comes from inside.

You easily get attached to a thing in search of finding happiness. Because it is true that today anyone of us is not happy from inside. Most of the time people are faking their smile on their face and only countable number of people are really happy from inside who understand the mechanism of real happiness.

Our soul is suppressed by the workload and Deadlines that we have to complete before time. It is hard to explain that how we can live our lives to a maximum extent in a free manner.

After the money comes in we become a responsible person and try to handle family relations and problems that make us sink more into that deep black hole. We start to make ourselves engaged in productive activities

After we have spent a major part of our lives in the so-called ideal manner, After one stage we start to feel that relations are not important in our lives and we try to live in an individual pattern.

I am talking about individual pattern because friends and relationship nowadays have become a very complex thing to handle. These things which are very important for a happy life have become tension instead of happiness.

Change in the meaning of friendship

The bench mates that were sharing everything the last weekend have become sworn enemies this weekend. People are developing this selfish behavior in them that if the person does what I need then only he/she is my friend. He/she doesn’t agree to me or said this to me “I was knowing that he/she is not good by heart”. This is not the way good friends and relations are being developed. The social media is also playing a very crucial role in developing thing like these.

This is how, people scroll their newsfeed all along the day and see these memes and life posts in which the admin says that Attitude matters the most, sarcasm, trolling all these are just polluting our minds and social development.

People have installed these terms in their mind and apply the same in their real lives too. If we analyze the things we will find that the person is still the same only the negative factors and behavior is forcing him/her to change and react negatively.

Today a person with a really good heart and no selfish objective is hard to find because we have made a diplomatic perception in our mind.

“Friends are not made to be broken and if they do then they were not real friends”

It is a very popular quote which completely defines the above terms. We have to realize this fact that instead of following an individual pattern in life we must open up and behave positively for everything that happens in our lives.

Friendship teaches us a very important lesson in life and gives us memories that stay in our minds till death. Be the friend without any expectation and accept the mistakes that your friend makes by mistake.


Stop believing in the terms like “Group of three friends is the best”. Be open to everyone and believe in happiness.

The moment you realize that life is much more than just completing the responsibilities and work and turn our face to the open side. We are made to explore not to be trapped in a cage which leads to a dead end and a boring life without any mean.

The soul must be clean not to as of now where everyone is just busy making their sinful strategies to clear the competition and make a profit out of everything.

We are just engaged in our lives and don’t feel like doing anything for the betterment of others. Consistently moving like a chain of prisoners which can’t get out of the jail. The jail can be anything like getting out of an addiction lie porn which is leading to a disturbed and depressed generation, it can be exploring humanity from inside, helping people to become a better person with a motive that doesn’t kill them from inside, a career that is just swallowing all your interests and hobbies.

It could be anything depending upon the type of closed room you are in and you must try your level best to get out of it.

 “It is not about how long you live it is about how beautifully you live”.

Live your life in such a way that when you look back to the crucial years of your life, you don’t have anything to regret about. You must not think that my work doesn’t give me a chance to explore life, maybe my friend was right at that moment I shouldn’t have abused and left him, my children don’t have the moral values that I was supposed to give them.

Explore the world and life in best possible manner, don’t waste your vital energy in satisfying yourself (you don’t have any idea how powerful that energy is), Focus on your goals but also care about all the possibilities that might happen or can take place in your life.


Final Thoughts

Life is all about exploring and joining the fare of joy that is always present around us. All you need is to identify the joy.

This was my thinking about today’s’ world. If you have any suggestions just comment down below I would love to hear that from you.





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