Earth's nightmare

Yes! you read the title right. You are not going to live for a long time. The reason is the Changing things on the Earth which is leading us to our end. You and I we all have ignored it in the past and still ignoring this fact that something called nature must be cared for properly.

Before you think that it is the same boring lecture about environmental safety and being responsible for it. You must understand the fact that we are because of nature, Nature is not because of us.

Now why I decided to write this post because when I saw the recent reports that are published. The predictions about the decreasing time of humans on the Earth is quite horrifying to hear.

Let us Discuss all the treats one by one so that you can calculate the left time period.

Causes of Destruction on the Earth



Earth pollution

It is one of the major reason why we are moving towards an extinction phase. Plastic was a said to be a great invention back in 1907. This invention was proved its value and got indulged in industries in quick time.

But, as we know that plastic is very much non-decomposable material. It takes a huge bunch of decades for a plastic to get destroyed completely.

You can imagine how terrifying is this thought that every plastic can that you use and throw away is not destroyed instead it kills either aquatic or domestic animals.

If we talk about the overall figure of how much plastic is produced till date. It is estimated over 9 billion tons. From which only 9 percent was recycled, 12 percent was incinerated and 79 percent accumulated in landfills or the natural environment.

Tons and tons of plastic waste are been dumped into the oceans every day.  The marine life is getting hard by every piece of additional stuff that is getting added to the sea. How sarcastic is this fact, 1/4th part of the Earth is destroying 3/4 without any hesitation?

I see people using plastic bags to carry the things that are already packed only for their comfort. I don’t understand why? Why we are just ignoring everything and showing damn irresponsibility towards the environment of the Earth.

Every one of us is responsible for this evil that is getting stronger every day. The day is not very far when this monster will complete its transformation. That day we will be left with nothing to see and nothing to enjoy. One thing is for sure that it will be a very painful situation to witness.


Air Pollution



I assume that you are quite familiar with this thing as well. I don’t understand that why people are thinking to buy a better air pollution mask then to find ways to reduce it. Everyone is just so habitual of luxury and comfort that no one wants to get out of that.

We are knowing this fact that our efforts can reduce pollution to a certain level if we start to make decisions wisely. The thing is that we are not ready to give up the luxuries and options to choose from. This tendency is leading us to the destruction phase. The Earth is entering into its worst condition.

Every new industry that is been set up by the humans is adding an additional acceleration to this predicted nightmare that is coming for all of us to haunt. Believe me, it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor the result will be the same. Money and wealth can delay the effects but the struggle will be there in the near future.

Suffocation and respiratory diseases will be common. The oxygen supplying industries will be the leading profit generation industry. The pace at which the Earth is rushing towards that phase is quite fast and alarming.

According to an article in TheGuardian, there will be 3.6 million deaths every year by the worst air pollution scenario. Especially in countries like India and China due to their huge population and immature acts. This sentence might look offensive but it is the truth.

Air Pollution on Earth

China is using extremely harmful substances for its production to produce the products at a low price. Some of the toxic substances are used illegally which violates the global laws but yet no supreme power is acting on it.

While India is also following the same trend. The pollution levels in cities like Delhi is extremely high but the locals are not looking serious about this problem from anywhere. People are still resisting to change their life routine and go eco-friendly.

The pride and Status is still the first priority for them. Being an Indian I know how things are going here and I must say that it is not well here.

Religion and Terrorism

We still believe that no religion teaches to hate each other or disrespect other religions but some of the stupids have taken this in a wrong way. People are trained to do the destruction just on the name of religion and false assumptions.

The one who agrees to these terms is mostly the victim of illiteracy and lack of resources. The countries where all the major terrorist groups are present suffer from low living standards. The groups and their leaders don’t allow the development phase to execute. They execute those who try to study.

The condition of women in these countries is like Hell. This might sound like a different topic but after all these things come to us and the Earth’s environment at the end of the day.

The regular bomb blasts and attacks like 9/11 and 26/11 show that how destructive these groups are. How you can feel safe at this type of world where anything can happen the next moment.

It is not limited to Terrorist groups this thing is with normal people as well. The riots on the name of religion are also seen as a threat to humanity.

How to save Humanity

I don’t think that you are unaware of this fact but still, you are not acting. If you are not conscious about this topic yet then you can proceed with the life that you are living but if you feel like a responsible person who cares for its home then you should follow these steps to contribute.


  • Use as much fewer resources as you can
  • Prefer public transport
  • Use jute bags and carry your own bags to the market.
  • AC and refrigerator should be turned off for a couple of hours in a day and if possible for more.
  • Don’t waste resources
  • Be a responsible person and act with an open mind with proper understanding instead of showing aggression.
  • Analyze every aspect of the thing which you are doing and using.
  • Plant trees as much you can and yes not that showy ones.
  • try to involve as many people as you can into the green Earth moment.


These things are very difficult to control at the individual level and actions must be taken on a global level to avoid the consequences that can occur in near future on this beautiful Planet called Earth.




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