Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future

Is Entrepreneurship is the only way through which you can survive in future?

This prediction is being considered by the new generation in a very serious manner. As we are watching the problems that the college graduated are facing now and so will the one who will go through this phase in future.

Many are saying that AI will take their place, some are saying overpopulation is going to kill us, and some believe that the low wages which companies are giving are not enough for them and this thing is going to get big in future as well.

So, Is it correct to say that Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future? Let’s jump into detail of this concept by measuring every aspect that comes under this.


The Current Trend

As the population is increasing at a very rapid pace the opportunity to get a job in a company is getting lower and lower and so is the incentive and salaries of the companies.

You can think of this serious issue that people are doing unpaid internships in which they are doing almost all the work of a regular employee for months.

Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future

There is a saying that companies are never out of the workforce.

This statement is absolutely true because if you don’t agree with certain conditions then someone else will. This is the harsh truth which is faced and will continue to be faced by every individual who is thinking to get a job in a company for a long-term basis.

There has been a continuous reduction in the salary pattern for the fresher people in the corporate sector in the past decade. This is simply because the number of graduates is much high than the jobs available.

Even after completing the internship the salary offered is not up to the satisfaction level. And the worst part is that you can’t do anything about that and you have to wait for at least 3-4 years to get the ok type of salary with which you can live a decent life.

Normally, A person who is going for jobs does have some circumstances and problems for which he/she is compelled to get a job.

Most of these insecurities are faced by the youth who belong to a middle-class family.

This is why the youngsters are observing that entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in future.

Society Thoughts about Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future

In Indian Society, it is normally said that Business is the thing of the rich people only. Anyone just can’t stand and grow their empire. This thinking is literally one of the major causes of struggle in the youth.

As it is described in the famous book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” the mentality of the common society is still the same. Go to school, get good marks and after that get a job.

No matter what are your capabilities and skills you just have to readjust yourself according to the corporate sector and get in the rat race in which others are running.

What people don’t realize that it is a vicious circle and a tradition which now needs to be changed. This process kills the person from inside and they don’t think of big goals and luxury life anymore.

Youth don’t get a chance to do what they admire to do in life. Especially when comes to following the passion in life.

People who have succeeded explain it clearly in their stories.

Now, I mentioned these things before getting into the main topic because at the end of the day most of us have to face this problem today or tomorrow if we choose to become an entrepreneur.

The predictions about the future

Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future

The predictions are nowhere in favor of jobs and especially in the private sector. The job opportunities are only going to be getting reduced by the time.

This indication can even be seen by the different policies that the government is running to promote entrepreneurship in the society.

You can ignore this fact if you want to but soon you will realize that the unemployment rate has increased to an alarming extent. This prediction empowers the statement that entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future.

The coming days are going to get a lot tougher than the one we are in now. You can talk about any aspect whether it is pollution, food shortage, an increase in the unemployment rate or space to live in.

In such a scenario just think for a moment how life will become. There will be a lot of problems that will occur eventually. I can assure you that your job will literally seem like hell.

You will not be even sure whether you will have a job at that point or not. The way the companies are cutting down their workforce overnight without any notice it leaves us only with one message that entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in future.

What Do Common People think about Entrepreneurship?

Many people think that Entrepreneurship is a very hard route to take and not everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur.

Some say that it is a gambling game where you put all your efforts onto one thing and if it fails then you get broke and left with nowhere to go.

The reality is we don’t want to take risks and lack to have belief in ourselves. We feel like it is a much better option to work under a boss for the whole life and retire with respect and some cash in the bank.

People who prefer to don’t want to get dependent on themselves and dream of getting something big always prefer to become an entrepreneur and for themselves.

However, only a few of them succeed because it requires so much dedication and efforts to become a successful entrepreneur.

Many of us get confused about the real meaning and definition of entrepreneurship. Let me tell you

The Definition of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future

The Modern definition of Entrepreneurship is that you provide a service or value to the other people through any format of work. In simple words, you are fulfilling a need of common people and in return, you get paid for doing so.

All you need to focus on is what you do the best. Now here having a passion helps a lot where you know your strong points. You can easily convert your passion into a business.

It happens many times that people make their passion temporary and occasional. They think that it is a hard route to succeed in the field of their passion. And with age, they quit the one thing that they knew to do the best.

Today, if you read the success stories of people who accomplished something remarkable in their life is only because they followed that one thing blindly without caring about what will be the result.

So if you know something and love to do it then just give your best shot and all of your energy that you have got to become a master of it.

These things must be sounding off topic but this is the basic foundation of being an entrepreneur that you must know. Now you know that entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in future and you will need the following things to succeed.

Points to remember for becoming an entrepreneur


  • Be unique-> the first and most important thing is that you have to listen to your heart instead of copying others. Because what is working for him might not work for you.
  • Hard work-> you have to put in all the hard work and effort to make your thing grow and succeed.
  • Observe people-> The main focus should be always on people. Observe closely about their needs and wants.
  • Follow trend-> It is very important for you to be updated with the trend in order to be in the field for a long time.
  • Patience-> Have patience because as it is said Good things take time to happen.

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Final thoughts


From my perspective, I will still say that Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future. You know why I am saying this.  Let’s hope that everything in the future remains on track and the youth finds a way to tackle this problem of getting a direction and make a living.

But One other thing is that if you have the guts to take risks in life by believing on yourself and taking action on the inner call only then you will get the reward from the life you always wished.

Put in the hard work and the universe will make it happen.






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