We are moving to an era where the definition of life is getting limited to the screens. All around we can see that people sticking their heads in their phones and laptops.

We are trying to find our happiness and fun on those screens. Our lives are getting trapped in that virtual world which is continuously affecting our relationships, mental state, Physical potential, and the future as well.

According to a research an average person checks his/her phone in every 15minutes even though there is no notification popping up.

Talking about screens, phones are the most addictive ones as it develops in anxiety in your mind to check and use phones after the last time we put it back. This scenario is getting worse and worse for people of every age.


The age group which is getting affected by this addiction is teenagers. A recent research explains that teens in front of screens for at least 8 hours a day and on an average of 60 hours a week. They prefer to play on their laptops rather move out for playing.

the trap of the necessary evil

Parents are also not able to control them from using their stuff because if they do then teens become aggressive in such a way that the whole thing becomes a drama.

We admit it or not this necessary evil is playing with us. It has managed to capture innocent as well as mature minds.

If you look around today, we can easily find people prefer sticking their heads on their phone instead of making communicating with other people.

Our minds are been trained to become like this due to the evolving work culture and virtualization in every field of work.

We now prefer dating online and easily believe strangers in spite of going out with an individual who is known.

Even in the gyms, trainers observe that most of the guys check their phones between sets of their exercise. It is acting a cocaine which never allows the body to get out of that fun and fake happiness.

you can’t blame ourselves totally for this behavior because screens are a necessary part of your life.


  1. Time Spent->If you spent a lot of time using your phone or laptop throughout the day without realizing.
  2. You love searching online stuff for making your time pass. After getting in you surf hours and hours without knowing that your small time pass break has consumed a major part of the day. That is why platforms like youtube are now giving a take a break feature.
  3. frequency->You always check your phone constantly after some time. It doesn’t feel good or complete if you haven’t played a game on your PC for the whole day. If this happens to you then maybe you are addicted to the screen web.
  4. Urge-> A feeling is always there to check your phone. You are not getting able to control your urge until you check your phone. It can lead to severe problems in the future and can stop your progress in real life. Try to avoid checking the phone every time it feels like.
  5. Shedule->If playing games or spending time on social media has become a part of your daily routine then it’s dangerous. You always wait for that free hours to open your laptop and start a multiplayer game online with your friends. It makes your brain not to except any other thing during those hours.
  6. focus->You find it hard to focus at a thing for a long time. It can be anything like reading a book or listening to a lecture or anything which requires focus and attention to capture. Starting to find an alternative for an intensive work is one of the major signs of addiction and a problem as well.
  7. Avoiding ->Preferring to look at the screen of your phone or laptop in a public place. It shows that your is occupied by the tendency to feel secure and engaged more in screens rather than the outside world. If it is so then good luck with your life goals and relationships.


If the above symptoms are found in a person there are many problems which are possible might occur. It depends on your strength physically and mentally how your body is acting upon it. Some of the well-known ones are:-

screen addiction
  • Being tired all the time and a continuous feeling of sleeping. It makes your body feel lethargic and out of fuel as you continuously stare at that screen. Your brain starts to feel exhausted and demands rest. This affects your schedule as well as energy levels.
  • Red eyes are one of the common problems found in people who spend their most of the time in front of screens. Irritation of the eyes is the signal that you must take that screen off and give your eye a rest. Your eyes are very sensitive and need proper care.  So, consider wearing anti-glare spectacles during long hours of work on your laptop.
  • Low ambition is also considered a possible effect of these screens. They don’t allow you to focus on life goals and work towards the achievement of something big. It all appears that the life is limited to that social media status and late night chatting of no logic.
  • Relations also get affected as you prefer spending time with your phones and tablets rather with your parents and loved ones. Be practical with things because relations are the base of your life, not that screen.


Screens play a vital role in our life without them life is not possible today. But we have to understand that there use must not affect our life, health, and moral values. There is much more to explore in this world than your virtual world. Just get out and optimize your life to the fullest.

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