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In the past few years, the rate of adaptation to ketogenic diet has gained a bounce worldwide. Everyone who feels that he/she need to lose weight is directly opting for the ketogenic diet. Fasting on the keto diet is basically a diet which includes very less amount of carbs as low as 50gms or ideally 20gms a day and consuming the rest of the required calories with protein and fat rich foods of nutrition.

The Ketogenic process

The ketogenic process starts when we start to include a very less amount of carbs in our daily routine diet. The liver when feels lack of blood sugar supply due to low carbs consumption it starts producing “Ketones” from fat to complete the basic energy requirements of the body.

In this phase, the body starts burning its stored fuel (fats)at a fast rate which leads to a reduction in weight. For a detailed information on ketones and their work kindly refer to this  detailed article about what are exogenous ketones

After your body enters into this process of “Ketosis” the insulin level goes down and you feel more responsive and alert all the time. Anyone can start fasting on the keto diet and all it requires is patience and discipline for some time to see amazing results.

What to eat?

Now, when you have decided to go on the keto diet you have to stick around with your protein and fats. You have to eat in a very calculative manner and planning your diet very carefully.

Avoid fruits, drinks, and all that stuff which can make you cross that carb line of 50gms. Consume your 65-70% of calories from fats like Nuts, almonds, Butter, Olive oil, cream cheese. 25-30% of calories from protein which can be through, chicken, eggs, protein shakes.

If you are vegetarian then Paneer is the best option for you or tofu (soya paneer). Don’t consume any dairy product except these two things. There are many recipes on youtube and food blogs on Vegetarian keto as well as Non-veg Keto.

Make sure that you totally eliminate sugar from your diet. People think that sugar is not going to affect their weight loss journey but believe me, it does.

That is why doctors always recommend staying away from sugar.  Refer to this amazing article for a better understanding of how sugar plays the role of an evil in your weight loss.

While you are Fasting on keto diet make sure you consume at least 100gms of protein if you are a let’s say 70 kg individual to maintain your muscle mass. It has been seen that if a person doesn’t consume enough amount of protein during the ketosis process he/she may lose his muscle mass too with the fat.

Benefits of Keto

It may feel hard for some time but believe me once you get used to the process you feel much more comfortable and happy with the change in your body.

  • It keeps your stomach very light without any gas or pain which makes you feel good.
  • Helps you to lose weight by burning the stored fats that were making you look out of shape and unhealthy from outside and well as inside.
  • It reduces the urge to eat, as your body moves to an auto-pilot mode it prefers to use its own energy rather making you feel to consume it externally up to an extent.
  • This has some other amazing health benefits like improving your cholesterol profile, Blood sugar, insulin levels, and Blood pressure.
  • Researches have also shown that fasting on keto also boosts the metabolism of your body.
  • You feel more focused and active as consuming carbs makes a person quite slow.
  • If you are a gym freak and want to make that that flat stomach full of packs. This can be the perfect option and time to act.fasting on keto diet

Ketosis Indications

You must be thinking that how will I know that I have entered ketosis. Well, Here are some symptoms that will indicate that it is happening!

  1. Dry Mouth – You will feel thirsty most of the time and need to drink water. You might feel a sticky taste in your mouth all the time.
  2. Smell – A tight smell can be experienced after you have dived into keto. It might irritate you after some time. So, be sure to keep a mouth freshener with you.
  3. Reduced Hunger – The urge to eat will be reduced and your mind will be not so active regarding food consumption.
  4. Technology – There are various options available in the market like Breath Keto analyzer, Blood Ketone meters to measure your increased overall Ketones.


 Negative Sides of Ketogenic Diet

Although, fasting on keto has so many benefits but it has some negative points as well. These factors can ruin your experience or can force you to return to your normal diet.

  • A headache – Some people complain about this after going on this diet that they always feel pain in their head. This sometimes gets very weird experience in worst cases.
  • Deep sleep – Your sleep will not be so deep and relaxing. it sometimes gets difficult to sleep properly because of low carbs as they help you get a good sleep.
  • Low – Feeling of fatigue and low can be there which can distract you for a while. It generally happens when you don’t keep your diet chart in check.
  • Excretion difficulties – It might be possible that when you sit to poop it’s not pushing out easily. It can be a very harsh experience and painful too.


How much you can lose!

There will be an instant reduction in weight up to 2kg in the first week as the body loses its water. But after that, it slows down a bit and you will lose at a rate of 0.5 kg per week. A time period of 2 months will be enough to lose 9-10kg of weight. You might think that getting back to the old routine might bring the weight back but the answer is no. If you roll back slowly and steady without including your unhealthy food habits your weight will not increase more than 1kg.

In between don’t try to have a cheat meal because it might bring you out of ketosis and once you are out then it will again take about a week to enter into the process again. So, be careful and calculative with every step.

The Last Motivation

This diet has helped millions of people including me to achieve a healthy body. So, try it once for sure and you will feel the dramatic change in your body as well as a boost in confidence level and self-esteem.



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