How to get god level energy

People always ask how to get god level energy to excel in every field of life. Everyone wants to become a beast and conquer the world with their charisma and influence.

If you are also one of them who likes to just kill it with enthusiasm and power then I am sure after reading this post you will find the answer.

But, in order to unlock that level and achieve that power, you must be ready to sacrifice your comfort zone and quit all those things which give you a temporary feeling of joy.

Because you can’t be at the two different zones at the same time. It is totally upon you either live an ultimate life or just stay average like all others and remain in the rat race.

Below are the best ways to get god level energy. Just go through them and implement each step accordingly and you will feel the difference.

how to get god level energy in 5 steps

Conserve your energy

The first and the basic step to improve your energy level by tommaro is to use your energy only where it is required.

Let me clear this for you.We waste a lot of energy in thinking about unecessary stuff, talking non-sense that only drains our energy in some way or the other.

There is a famous quote that ” if anyone learns to store the energy and potential residing inside him, he can acheive anything he wants”.

It is simply because you become sense able about your yourself. The more you become choosy to what to speak and think, the better gets your aura.

That is why the people The people who are of quite serious and choosy in life they are valued more then the ones who are always chattering.

I am not saying that change your nature or don’t enjoy your life but try to focus on whats important and prefer using your energy and time on that thing instead of finding ways to laugh and chat on meaningless things.

Limit your desires

The moment we talk about desires the first thing that comes to our mind is sex and lust.

It is that aspect of life which can’t be ignored but it needs a proper regulation and control.

It is a kind of power which can play a big role in your enlightenment and moments like nofap have proved it again and again.

Why people all across the globe are joining this revolution and quitting porn because when they stored the vital energy in their body they felt better and their mind and bod worked in a better manner.

The sexual force is one of the greatest energy sources in this whole universe and no one can escape it. But, the game changes when anyone learns to use it for the betterment of his/her life instead of fulfilling desires.

This step is very crucial in order to solve your query of how to get god level energy.


It is very essential that you are evolved in any kind of workout because it gives you the strength and motivation to work and live a healthy life.

There are many benefits of having a workout session in the day.

  • You feel better as your mood gets boosted.
  • You look better as your body gets in shape
  • You become self-confident to overcome any obstacle in life.
  • You feel enegetic and powerful.
  • You feel focused towards the goals of your life.
  • You learn to live a discilplined life.

I think these reasons are enough for you to move your ass to the gym or martial arts class if you haven’t yet.

Do heavy workouts and intense training sessions to give yourself a ultimate boost of energy and endurence.

But going heavy is not enough if you are not consistent, make sure you don’t let that curiosity of how to get god level energy get fade.

Remember it everyday and work like hell to make it become true. It is not compulsory to have a massive size as the real power resides within.

Eat Healthy

Eat a lot of healthy stuff everyday. Prefer choosing tasteless food which is high in protein and other essential nutrients instead of a food which is only prepared for good taste.

The good food will keep you active all the time and you will not feel lazy.

Foods rich in protein or complex carbs give you that charge to work for hours and hours without getting tired and hungry.

A healthy diet with fruits and healthy vegetables is very important to improve the inner strength and immunity.

After all, it is your body and if it not healthy from inside then how can you expect that you will achieve the god level power only by working hard in the gym.

Love yourself

The last but the most important step is to love yourself. When you are happy with yourself then only all them magic starts to happen.

How to get god level energy

Your energy levels get boosted and law of attraction comes into play.

The positivity around you influences the forces of the world to act according to your wish.

But, you can not become happy with yourself with a feeling of guilt inside. You have to forgive yourslef for everything and let the life take the next move.

The only responsibility is to be productive all the time. Keeping yourself busy and progressive will give this unconditional flow of tremendous energy which will lead you to your desired destiny.


So, I guess now you know how to get god level energy by following these simple steps. I Hope that these steps will help you to unlock that massive energy portal to turn your dream into reality.

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