How to be productive

How to be productive and stand out of the crowd

If you think that you are not productive in your life! Don’t worry you are not alone most of the people have this problem. This feeling of being unproductive in order to achieve life goals is very usual nowadays, especially among the youth. It is not the fact that you don’t have an ambition in life or don’t have the potential to perform a certain activity.

But, the problem is that either you are not been able to overcome the distractions and the manipulative things that are continuously stopping you from achieving your goals or you are focusing too much on a particular thing in your life that is not allowing you to progress in other fields of life. Maybe, You have overcome the above two situations but then also you don’t feel satisfied with yourself. But, what if I say that by end of this article all of your doubts and questions will be over. By following opting for these changes in your daily routine, you will be able to achieve your goals faster and feel satisfied every night you go to sleep.


So, In order to be more productive and efficient in your everyday routine you the first step is to control your mind. Your mind is like a horse and your body is the person who just can’t control the horse without a stick called discipline. Once you take control over it many of your problems will automatically get solve. You will now have the charge to decide whether the horse will run in a race or stand peacefully.

Because your body will now not be going aimlessly behind the horse wherever he takes it. You must try to develop a habit of commitment with time and try to complete that activity which you decided to do in that time slot. This will definitely help you build confidence and some motivation.


This is a major step that will definitely bring a huge difference in your life. People are understanding this fact now and that is why gyms are getting crowded these days and will get more in the future.

Exercising daily helps you to focus better, increases internal strength, confidence and willpower. It is not compulsory that you join the gym. It can be running in the morning, playing your favorite sport, or any other physical activity. But, if you are an office guy who barely gets time to perform these activities. Try to have a meditation session early in the morning for 15-20 minutes. I am sure you will feel much more energetic and focused throughout the whole day.

3. Avoid Smartphones

how phones stop a man to be productive

Using smartphones has now become an addiction for the majority of the smartphone users. This is one of the main cause of decreasing the productivity scale of new generation especially. Apply the first rule above to overcome this obstacle if you really want to succeed in life. I am not saying don’t use it for entertainment, just limit the use to an extinct that doesn’t affect your life and health as well. Everybody who is addicted to this never feels like an addiction and always says I m in control but can’t stop his/her hands for more than an hour to check the Instagram status.

If you are also one of them then take a pause and analyze the total time you waste on your phones or PC gaming with friends.

4.Talking Unnecessary

People have this bad habit of talking on a particular incident that happened earlier in the day or some days/months ago. Talking about a person’s characteristics, games, movies and other irrelevant things for no reason. I mean does it make any sense? I don’t think so. Talking about these things often is fine. But, if you are wasting the crucial hours of your day discussing some useless stuff with your friend or partner then you need to think about it. Use this time for your hobbies, it will give you happiness and pleasure. If you don’t have one try to develop one.

5.Finding Love

People waste their energy, time, and money in search of true love. There are dating apps full of profiles that are always ready to meet a new partner even after the last one that broke up and took all the happiness and peace. But, still, people are just so lost in order to change their status from single to in a relationship that they forget to complete the first level in the hierarchy of life i.e. to be what they actually wanted to be in life.

Love is important but first, you need to realize that to make that love continue for years you need to have a strong base on which you could rely on. So, stop wasting time on finding your partner, bf/gf and try to utilize it in building bonds with people who are creative and have the mentality to achieve something good in life.


It is a necessary habit that every individual must have because books help us to gain knowledge, self-betterment and give positive vibe every time we dive deep into that ocean of words. If you want to increase your productivity and become the better version of yours start reading books like “The Alchemist“,”Discover your Destiny” and any book of any category that suits you. If you try to find the common factor in all the successful people. It is that they all read books every day at least for half an hour. This certainly helps to develop another person inside you who is more knowledgeable and has a more clear perspective of life.


It is seen that people who write their goals regularly are more likely to achieve that goal in comparison of those who don’t. Try to write down small targets that can be achieved in a month or week and try to work towards that. Once you complete that you will feel much more productive and happy with yourself than you are now. This will develop a pattern in your life to accomplish higher goals and reach that level of being productive where you will love yourself as well as your life.

As it is said,” If you want anything from heart and soul the whole universe helps you to achieve that“. So, just work hard and avoid distractions and you can’t even imagine how high can you go implementing these small steps. Remember “No problem is bigger than you“.

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