Do you think you lack confidence? Or do you think you are overconfident? I am sure that at the end of this you might be able to make it out.

Life is too short to be upset about things you don’t have. When I was a teenager I also suffered from a lack of confidence and hesitated to speak up publicly.  It was a very hard task for me to stand and deliver a short speech even in front of my classmates.

But, as time passed I realized that it is not a problem instead it is a tool which can be very useful in order to walk on the road of success. I started to figure out what are the methods of developing this quality and gaining complete control over it.

I analyzed all of them and applied simultaneously in my life. As a result, I started to open up and it did not only helped me in making a powerful presence but also my overall development and decision making abilities as well.

You have only two options in life either show or see.

What is confidence?

confidence in a person

Confidence is the key to win battles in life. It is a kind of art to make anyone believe in you, your ability to present yourself and represent your thoughts to the world. The energy which supports you to execute this process is called confidence.  Having confidence does not mean that the person is correct but it is the force which influences the other person to believe and gets influenced.

You can notice the following qualities whenever you observe a confident person in action:

  • The people who are confident have certain positive vibes and you can feel it while they interact.
  • They look fearless and ready to take up any challenge no matter what comes up.
  • Have a higher ambition and believe that they can achieve it.
  • Don’t feel jealous with others because of the positivity they have in them.
  • Clarity in vision and work is also seen in the people who have good confidence levels.

These all factors are very crucial to make a noticeable impact in life. Once you start to analyze the things in this manner then you will find yourself at a much better place. The logic is simple and clear.

If you have to stand out of the crowd then you have to do what they don’t.

Confidence is a very basic trait. It is an ability to manage things and situations in life. These situations can be related to any genre. And it can be related to family or to social life or to professional life. Confidence is the belief of effective abilities to make the situations favorable in one’s owns favor. It is a very common characteristic that can be built.

Now there are three phases of confidence in which the whole world is divided. One should not confuse between being confidence, overconfidence, and underconfidence. I know you might be thinking that how to understand the indications of these phases.


Overconfidence is a trait in which a person feels that he/she can do anything without thinking over the consequences. They even don’t research their deed. They are impatient and they are a bad listener too.

Often these people cannot adjust with their mates and get involved in fights easily. Overconfident people outlook their faults at times of failure and always tries to put it on to someone else. They are boosted too much about themselves and as a result, they do not take responsibilities.

Let us understand with an example: Suppose you are given a task and you think that I can do it. This is your confidence but if you think that only I can do it then this is your overconfidence. This type of Confidence should not be misleading.

Decisions that are taken in overconfidence always result in a negative outcome. You have to understand that provoking your abilities for doing a work is great but using it for your pride is wrong. This is the thing where most people fail.

If you are confident in your life and have the ability to take any challenge, make sure you have the control of your mind as well.

The mechanism of controlling your ability is called self-discipline.


over confident

Under confident person thinks that they have nothing constructive to add to their progress. They do not share their thoughts with anyone and avoid meeting new people. They live in their own shell and barely communicate.

Consequently under confident person might question their decisions again and again. They tend to lose focus. They are always in a need of continuous praise to work hard. As a result, they personalize everything happening around them. It also leads to a decline in their self-esteem and as a result, they end up having low self-esteem.

I have covered the topic of how to overcome low self-esteem in my other blog. Make sure you check that if you have low-esteem and want to get rid of it.

I have been through this phase and understand how things seem to appear. It gets very hard to make things run your way. You always feel like I am not going to make it. It is too difficult to survive in life. If I do this what the others will say and think about me.

He is better than me, she will not accept my proposal and hell a lot of stupid questions keep floating in your mind. It is important that you start to work on building your confidence through the following methods.

How to Build your confidence

To build up your confidence and to enjoy your life to it’s fullest you can follow these basic steps which I followed to transform from an underconfident guy to a good public speaker.

Focus on Health

confident person

You might have observed that people who go to the gym or involved in some sports are quite confident from those who are not engaged in such activities. When you start to focus on your self then you suddenly start to feel more satisfied.

Physical activities give you a glimpse of your power and what you can achieve with it. Your mind starts to function in a better manner in a more optimistic manner.  So when you have realized that optimization is the key then you always look for productivity. 

So when you know that you are productive in your life and working on the right path it is obvious that your confidence will get boosted.

Think Why?

Think of this fact that why you fear to open up. Why I am not able to present myself what is stopping me. It is important to overcome this obstacle that you analyze your fears. Most of the time it is about the fear of making a wrong impression on others. Let me clear one thing for you.

No one gives a shit about what you think.

It doesn’t matter that how you performed. The thing that matters is that you performed, you did what you thought. If you did it wrong so what you took the action that’s it.

success comes from experiences and experience comes from bad experiences.

Go on trying to accomplish the thing which stops you and the game will be all yours. Building confidence is not a hard task all it needs is self-awareness. The day you understand the logic that the world works according to those who take the initiative to express themselves then you will fear will get vanished.

Live around Positivity

It is very important that you get surrounded with positive things and positive people who think of making a change instead of one who is negative and doesn’t have a goal in life. Your positive mindset is a very powerful tool which helps you to get that confidence in your life.

Thinking about things in a negative manner and not giving it a shot can be your biggest mistake. That is why when it is asked to give a presentation only one or two feel good while others keep watching each other face.

Some of them might be capable but their friends say that who the hell is going to get involved in that shit. This makes the potential of the person to the rest and follows what the other person is saying. Because that is easy and what most of the people in the room are doing.

So, if you have to be confident and do something firstly take your charge.

Get energetic

Allowing your energy to leave your body leaves you with guilt and lack of confidence. It can be anything like watching porn very frequently, not eating healthy, not working on grabbing knowledge and many other things which lead to the generation of positive energy inside your body.

How harmful it can be to watch porn very frequently you can’t imagine. The vital energy that gets out of your body plays a very important role in building your confidence. Read this if you want to know this in detail.

Following a healthy lifestyle will certainly make you feel good from inside which will lead you to operate from confidently in life.

The most important of all you must be always curious to learn something new. Read books, watch documentaries, Practice your specialization. Work on your perfection and once you get in this act by heart you will be at a different level.

Final Thoughts

I think that it is not a hard task to be a confident person in life. All it takes to be better is the belief to become better. Having adequate confidence level is just a part of the success journey which runs on many mechanisms that you have to understand and conquer.

Hope that you found this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or a story to share do comment down below. I would love to hear that from you. Have a great life ahead.

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