about the universe

We all think what is beyond the stars, what will happen if our sun turns into a black hole. I was always very curious about knowing things related to astronomy. If you are also an astronomy freak and love to explore the secrets of the universe, then you are on the right page.

The universe has always surprised humans with its verticality. We are still very unknown to this magnanimous thing and I don’t think that we will ever know about the universe completely. But, some of our intelligent scientists and space agencies worldwide have made it possible to uncover some of its facts.

Let us discuss


Things which you don’t know about the universe

about the universe

Multiple Solar systems inside Milky Way

If you think that our solar system is the only the one in the Milky Way, then you are wrong. Our galaxy consists of more than 500 galaxies and still counting. All of them have planets which exist in the various range. Milky way is a huge collection of stars and planets.

With billions of stars and a huge number of planets. We don’t know that we are alone or not but it might be possible that there is life. Maybe our friends have a different habitat and a way of living. I don’t know but we all know that life can exist in many ways and forms.

Still, we are not able to discover the exact composition of our nearby solar systems. Astronomers have estimated that there is a similar planet like earth in one of the solar system present around us but, it is still under observation.

Jupiter is our protector

It has happened many times in the past that Jupiter has taken many big meteoroids onto itself. Jupiter has a very powerful gravity which has played as a shield for us. This gas giant has interrupted the path of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 which was supposed to crash with earth.

Jupiter changes the path of the things due to its strong gravitational pull. There are many signs of destruction on the Jupiter which explain the story. Many Astronomers believe that because of Jupiter only we are still alive and happy. Although, some of them also say that because of it might be possible that some asteroids change towards earth.

But till now it hasn’t happened yet. The Meteors also which collide with earth on a daily routine mostly get exhausted while they are traveling through the strong atmosphere of earth. They are also quite small in size. In near future also the possibility of a mighty asteroid with the Earth is not there.

So, just be relaxed and chilled.

Space has Sound

You might be unaware of this fact about the universe that there is the existence of sound in the space. Every planet and star has a sound which can be observed only by advance probes that are able to catch those waves of sound.

There is a specific sound which tells the story of the planet or the star. I highly recommend that you listen to this video down below for once and you will know about which type of sounds I am talking about.

So, next time when someone says that there is no sound in space. Just make a simple reply you don’t know anything about the universe.

Milky way has a massive Black hole in its center

Yes, It is correct that milky way has a massive black hole in its center named Sagittarius A. It is a supermassive black hole which is stagnant at its position. It is covered with interstellar dust from outside.

Astronomers believe that the milky way is full of black holes. All of them are very powerful. They are continuously feeding themselves with the matter.

However, we are lucky that we haven’t got one around us. The nearest black hole is 1600 light year away from earth. I am sure you must be feeling relieved after knowing this fact about the universe.

If you are curious about knowing the black hole in depth then refer to my complete article on black holes.

The Existence of Multiverse

about the universe

The possibilities are there that there is just not a single universe that exists there can be multiverses. It simply means that all the things that exist in this universe might exist in other parallel universes. These things include the planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies and probably you also.

All the decisions that you didn’t make on this earth, the route that you didn’t choose and the thing which you didn’t explore are just in the version of your personality. In may sound a bit complex but it is possible. Your other versions can be a dancer, singer, rich, mad person, anything in multiverse on different Earths.

Although, you don’t have a way to communicate with them so all you can do is make your this life as much better as you can. We are still researching more and more on these concepts but yet many theories and mysteries are to be solved and understood about the universe.

Expansion of the universe

Our universe is continuously expanding and everything inside it is moving away from each other. It may sound a bit scary but it is true. Since the big bang happened the universe has never stopped its expansion process and it will continue to do so.

We do not even understand it completely why it is expanding. But we know that the space-time between galaxies is increasing. In fact, you will be surprised to hear that our moon moves 4cm away from the earth every year.

Before 640 million years ago one day on the earth was only 21 hours long. According to the Einstein theory, the things in the universe can be in a folded version. Some theories say that it is an infinite string which the universe follows.

about the universe

How well we know about the universe

Honestly, we have only understood 0.1% of the universe. We still know very less about the universe. But, we are trying to go beyond and in-depth as much we can. With the advancement in technology and global support in the future, I am sure we will successfully uncover many more secrets of the universe.

So, these were some facts about the universe which were probably unknown to you. If you have any suggestions just comment down below. Your opinion matters a lot. If you like astronomy related content and other types of interesting topics as well make sure you subscribe to our blog.

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