Learning through the Web is the new trend of learning things in the modern world. Web-based learning platforms are growing at a very fast rate. Evolution of technology has made learning easy and fun. Now, You don’t need to attend college for learning about any type of content. You just name it and it is there on the internet.

Effects of the change

It is not only helping the students worldwide to learn but also the teachers, experts, and professionals to spread their knowledge without limitations. It is not limited to the certified group of people who can teach online. Anyone who learns to command over a concept has been given the opportunity for explaining it to others.

Platforms like Udacity, Udemy and edx.org are dominating in building this new era of learning. Providing certification courses for a comparably low cost is helping thousands of people in getting jobs and being updated.


It is helping people to generate some passive income with ease. If you are confident enough to express your knowledge then you’re welcome to teach as an e-tutor. We can say that teaching has been made simple and more interactive.

What exactly is Web-based learning?

Anything which you learn from a source that involves internet connectivity comes under web-based learning. Yes! It is not limited to taking online courses it includes many things.

  • Blogs
  • Web Tutorials
  • Web seminars
  • E-tuitions
  • Virtual Classrooms

It is true that an easy to load new information into our brain. But, Assume that you searched for a term on google and you read the article from a blog that was listed on the top. The very next day you presented that information in front of some knowledgeable people and they totally disagreed with you. You came to know that the information that was written there is wrong. Then you can’t do anything except putting negative comments on that blog.

online learning

Point is you totally can’t rely on the information that is provided to you by a random person. So, Below are the pros and cons of web-based learning.


  1. Flexible- You as a learner can study at any time of his/her choice at any place. There is no bounding of time and place.
  2. Access to the content- The content is available always 24*7 and can be accessed some days after as well.
  3. Suitable for self-learners- If you believe in learning the content on your terms and don’t feel comfortable in class learning. Then online learning is just perfect for you.
  4. Updated Content- The content on every platform is updated regularly with every new advancement in the older one.
  5. Pace- Your mind your pace, Unlike class you don’t have to wait for others to catch up. After learning a stuff you can easily jump into a new one without waiting.
  6. Cost-effective-  It is less costly as compared to that of the traditional manner. A lot of new things can be learned at the same cost as your semester or college fees.
  7. No geographical boundaries- The student can be from any part of the world as well as the teacher.
  8. The way of explanation-  The concepts can be made understood with help of animation or interactive graphics. The language used can be more lite and easy to make it more understandable for the learner.


  1. Needs Self-motivation- It needs a lot of focus from the learner’s side as there are no restrictions. He/she can be easily distracted.
  2. Connectivity- Connectivity can be an issue sometimes due to uncertain factors. It includes a change in weather, slow speed, accessibility of internet from remote areas.
  3. Lack of social environment- There is no presence of a learning environment. It can be a very important factor for many of the active and class prone learners who love to learn in a physical environment.
  4. Misleading- Due to the absence of restrictions the instructor can teach a wrong thing just like in the above case. He/she can also guide the learner to a miscellaneous agenda who knows.
  5. Interaction- In most cases when the student asks a question the teacher is not present their at that time to answer his/her curiosity. The student has to send a separate message which is not sure to be answered.
  6. Book knowledge is not replaceable- If you have to get a deep knowledge you always have to refer to the books. No matter how advanced online learning gets books will always be the first preference.

web based learning


We expect that the web-based learning tools keep helping us in enriching our knowledge. Although, It has some disadvantages or we can say loopholes where work is still needed to be done but it is expected to be fixed soon in the coming future.

The scope of web-based learning is going to expand at a more bigger level with the opening of new possibilities. Till now we can say that the information provided through online platforms is reliable every 8/10 times. The things are getting better with every passing year as the technology is evolving.

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