As the modernisation of our society is taking place at a rapid pace. Our mindset is also developing. We now question every decision and tradition that is executed in India.

The youth and celebrities are first to post their thoughts and questions on the social media.

We have developed a tendency to support what is right according to modern culture. People are so much influenced by the west culture that they don’t want to follow Indian culture and traditon anymore.


Thanks to the social media platforms, web series and Indian leftists who are continuously affecting the minds of the young generation.

What is Leftist mentality?

A leftist think in a way of equality and secularism. They think that everyone should be treated equally and the cultures which are present should be stopped if it hurts anyone physically or emotionally.They question the decisions of the govt. and protest against the things which they thing they are wrong.

whats getting wrong with this definition in India?

Indian leftists think that most of the Indian traditions are example of false practice and people who follow them are fouls or being manipulated.

To understand it in a better way lets take the example of sabrimala temple case:

The leftist women leaders protested that sabrimala temple should be opened for everyone including females. Allowing only male community to enter the temple is a wrong tradition.

Biased media, celebrities who think that they know everything, social media groups and pages who were paid by the left activist and corrupt leaders of parties were involved in this whole case.

To prove that this tradition is wrong. But, the point to be noticed is that people who were locals, never opposed this tradition because they know that lord ayyappa whose Statuesqueness is present inside the temple is in his brahmchari avatar and inclusion of females who are below 40 years can be a bad decision from a believers perspective.

Watch this to know the truth about SABARIMALA

But these leftists continued to oppose. Even the local women supported this thing that they don’t want to enter the temple. But leftists from all over the India kept their shitty work on.

What this explains?

This explains that Indian society is getting devided into two parts. The people who belive in leftist mindset and one who believe in traditional rightist mindset.

Youth is getting manipulated on a mass level and now girls think that learning to cook food is a sign of backwardness and uncool. Wearing a saree is a thing of the past and its very old school.


Abusing in public, drinking in bars is the new tradition for them especially for the one who are living in the cities. Does all this defines the definition of gender equality?


i don’t think so, on one side where the foreigners are loving sarees and getting influenced by the typical Indian culture, our own youth is busy destroying it.

I am not saying don’t do these things but don’t do it on the name of equality. It’s your life and you have the right to do whatever you want but don’t make your mindset against the Indian Rituals and tradition.

and worst of all showing a masturbation seen of girl (Swara bhaskar “the leader of leftist community”)in movie veere di wedding.

Seriously??? This is what equality stands for!! I don’t think so.


Boys are also in mood of having a party where they can get drunk, high on weed, having sex with their girlfriend, live in relationship and what not.

All of us are so busy in showing off fake life, following the left culture that it seems like in some years we are going to eliminate the whole culture of the Indian society which was followed enthusiastically.

Now it is so uncool for someone who speaks in Hindi or has a teeka on his head. It is a bad dream for a boy if he remains a virgin till his marriage. This change in tradition is really a serious matter to think about.

The leftist influence had made ourselves feel inferior to the people of other countries and we regret this fact. This is because our education system is so much influenced by the left that it doesn’t teaches us about our own history.

Only Hindus?

Yes, because everyone knows that hindus are the one who are very quiet in nature, have a variety of culture and can be easily manipulated.

From Ayodhya Mandir to Bollywood, From comedians like Kunal kamra to trolls of Pandits. It seems like everyone is targeting hindus and their cultural beliefs.

In movies where hindus are shown simple and stereotype mentality and muslims are either shown very inncent or criminal masterminds like no one can be worst than them.

The leftist mentality appears everywhere whether it is the case of Rohingya Muslims who don’t even belong here or cases like JNU where they said “Bharat tere tukde honge“.

All of these is leading us to a society which is moving towards its destruction on the name of Modernisation and Equality.


We have to think this issue in a more mature and bold way if you think that this is going against the society and culture. Hindus have to reunite in order to retain peace.

Our Youth must think in a more mature way that everything is not about just having fun. You are not allowed to change or protest anything which contains the belief of people.

and next article will be about 10 reasons to respect hindu communal groups Instead of Trolling them.

BE Indian, JAi Hind

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