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How to make your Diwali more Awesome

We all love the festival of Diwali also known as the festival of light. It is an amazing day when the whole of India gets showered in brightness. Everyone gets indulged in it with a happy mood.

What if I say that you can make this Diwali more enjoyable by doing these small activities! I am sure you definitely want to enroll in this.

So here are some things which you can do to make your Diwali more amazing and memorable. But, before we get started is very important to know the reason why Diwali is celebrated.


Why we celebrate Diwali?

It is celebrated because on this day Lord Ram returned back from Lanka after defeating Ravan with his brother Laxman and his wife Sita. Ayodha city which was his kingdom decided to celebrate it as Deepawali.

All the houses in the kingdom were decorated with diyas also known as Deepak. So that is where this festival gets its name of Deepawali.


I can’t believe that many of the Indians don’t know that why Diwali is celebrated especially the young generation. Maybe we are getting so modern that we are just forgetting our culture and tradition, well that is a different thing but at least we should know about these things.

 Stay away from the phone

It is seen that people are engaged in our own stuff as this phones are so addictive. Even if every family member is around you keep on checking on notifications which feels awkward.

Try to make everyone sit together and play traditional games or play antakshari. It could be anything just keep your moments in the real world.

The real meaning of a festival lies in the happy moments that we celebrate together.

Talk about funny moments and things you did by mistake to make everyone laugh and feel interested.

Don’t believe much in crackers

Many people it too seriously when it comes to bursting crackers but it is the reality. The crackers make a lot of pollution and hurt some of us as well. I am not against it but do it on a small scale.

After all it is our environment and all the things that we do are going to come back to us only like a boomerang. So, Do it for fun and celebration, not for showoff.

Help someone

Instead of wasting money on crackers, spend it to give someone a meal who desperately needs it. It might be sounding like I am a spiritual guru or something who is telling people to serve for good. But, believe me, it is an amazing feeling when you help someone.

If you will help someone then you will obviously feel more energetic and proud. Your Diwali celebrations will get more enhanced and you will feel the joy in a much better manner with a more enlightened soul.

Purchase Diyas instead of Lights

Diya Diwali

The main attraction of Diwali are diyas that light up the environment in such a beautiful yellow color. That gives us the real feel of Diwali. Nowadays we rely more on getting artificial lights into our houses instead of diyas.

There can be many reasons why you want to avoid it. Just think of the person who put all his hard work and efforts to make diyas for Diwali. These people don’t have many funds and earning to get over the loss. They do it for a living.

So respect that so that they can return to their homes with a smile and some cash to celebrate Diwali in their way.

Go for locals first

If you have to shop for sweets and other basic stuff then prefer going to the local stores. You can always go for a branded and packed sweet product which is not at all fresh but that thing will not give the real feel of desi sweets.

It can only be found in the sweets that are made by the hulwaies who prepare a variety of sweets, especially for Diwali. I am definitely sure that you will love the sweet more than the packed ones.

Instead of giving chocolates give someone the real taste of Indian sweets. This will make your relations sweeter.

 That’s all

So these were some small things which you could do to make your as well as others Diwali more fun and amazing.

I hope that you find this article amazing. If you have any experiences to share or any suggestions then comment down below.

Happy Diwali,




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