What can be the negative impact of GYM revolution in India?

Today, Everyone wants to get fit and pack on muscles especially the youth. We can clearly see this change by almost 3x progress in the fitness industry. 

Now, It is a common thing to go to a gym and workout on a daily basis. Here is the negative impact of gym culture.

The more people will Enroll in a healthy lifestyle the following things will take place:-


A shift in Food consumption

People who believe in having a good physique mostly consume protein-rich food. Normally our Indian meals are full of carbohydrates with rice and roti.

The change which is taking place on a massive scale will lead to a change in choices. This will ultimately lead to an increase in the consumption of particular foods and a decrease in the consumption of traditional ones. 

Non-veg consumption

It is a popular belief that if you have to get muscles quickly then you have to eat chicken and eggs. Although it is a myth because there are still many bodybuilders who are totally vegan and I personally am a vegan gym freak. But, not everyone understands that and the consumption of non-veg food items is witnessing a huge rise. 

Increase in overall consumption

If you have to get in shape or you need a body to showoff then you have to eat frequently. Just suppose, people who were eating 2 or 3 full meals in day will now eat 5-6 times a day with specific foods in the list. This will surely lead to rise overall consumption.

Increase in expenditure

This is also one of the negative impact of gym culture that is been witnessed through out the country.If you join a gym and want good progress then you will definitely go for a whey protein and other supplements to give you that boost in performance.

Gym lovers spent a good amount of their income on their diet and supplements and it is obvious.

But, what no one is observing is not every family is capable of spending that much of money only on one person’s health, and believe me teenagers are fighting on this with their parents on this topic. What they don’t understand is that

fitness is not a goal its a lifestyle.

Negative impact of Gym

The common factor

In earlier times people who went to the gym were seen from a different angle in the society but now it is just made common.

This can also be a very demotivating factor for some people because some people who join a gym just to look different may find it demotivating that now everyone has six packs and big arms. This might sound awkward but this is the reality.


At last we can’t do much about the changing culture but we have to understand that life is not about being selfish and think about own betterment it is about what we can do to make the society a better place.

Although there are some negative impact of gym culture but still it is making India fit and everyone should appreciate this movement and join it. Keeping in mind that

Maybe the mass shift in food trend might affect the farmers who heavily depend on the traditional crops that they grow with a hope to earn a living.

Just be fit and act smartly.

For more observations do follow my blog Curiousitybug.com and I am sure next time you will not see the things the same way.

Have a happy time ahead.

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