Being just Ok with any situation means you are not happy from inside and you are desperately looking for help or change.

If someone asks you that hows your life going and you answer just fine and ok! then you know deep down that you are lying.

In simple words you have to understand that being ok is not ok and you have to work on changing this ok to Awesome as soon as possible ok?

I might be sounding weird a bit but its the truth that most of us just ignore and keep hiding our feeling inside.

We try to pretend that it is our fate and we have to live our life like this only.  But believe me, it’s not our fate who decides how we will live or where we will live. 

It is totally our decision that make our lives as well as mood happy and sad. If you say I am ok with it then you certainly means that you don’t know about your feelings exactly.

The OK trap

Most people in the world get trapped in the Ok trap and remain trapped for a major part of their lives. 

Let’s understand this, If you ask someone who has just joined a new job about his salary he will say I am OK with it even if it is very low to fulfil his basic needs.

Ask someone who has a recent breakup and you know that he is going through a lot of pain then also when you will ask him about his condition he will just simply reply” I am OK with it”.

An average student is always OK with his marks, the employee with his boss, and the wife with his cruel husband.

How does it Impact the reality of the world!

The law is simple and straight and I guess you also know this thing that 

If you be quite and do nothing then external forces will make your situation more worst.

This sentence might look like very highly logical but it makes sense isn’t it?

Suppose when a employee will says that I am ok with such a low salary then the employer will definitely assume that salary as standard payment for that job profile in the company. 

Now, that becomes a challenge for the other people who are willing to join or applying for that job in future because that salary is definately not enough.

Getting satisfied with the average marks never allows a student to reach on top. He never thinks of progressing further and remains average in everything in every stage of his life.

Till now you have some idea what am I talking about. If you don’t then let me clear. It is all about not expressing ourselves and not focusing on change.

This ok mentality is making the world a more suffocated and sad place to live.

We are not realizing this thing but this is affecting our minds and situation on a very large scale.

We are just adapting and following the tradition what we see others doing.

Analyzing the problem

You see when we start to just accept the situations the change never takes place but when we question whats wrong or decide to excel our overall experience of life then the real struggle starts to happen.

Sometimes it is with ourselves to excel in life and sometimes it is with society and people to change what’s wrong.

If we say that life should be on our terms then it should be. You have only got one chance so don’t waste it living in just ok or pretending to be satisfied mood.

The more you will fight the better will be the the life for you and everyone. It will keep changing the benchmark for others. 

Choosing one side is always better than hanging on the confused side between good and bad because ultimately a clear mindset reveals a clear path for the future.

adjusting with ok

If you are studying a course that you like it a very little but your family wants you to study so, a job that doesn’t makes you happy, a girlfriend/boyfriend who asks for too many compromises, living with guilt that happened in past, listening abuses only because he is your boss? 

If any of the above mentioned situations matches somewhat to yours  then you my brother need to think for a change immediately. 

Finding the solution

By saying change means you need to fight for your dreams and life. If you wish to live in a luxury house then remember you have to construct the strong foundation first. 

If you want to excel in life then don’t be just ok with yourself and situations just work your ass off to change the negatives to positives. 

Who knows your one successful effort can inspire many to fight for a positive change that could reshape the reality of the world to a more open and eased atmosphere.

Being just ok and suffocating from within is never a option to choose and live on. 

Final thoughts

I think that adjusting by just saying ok to a negative thought process or situation is the biggest sin a person can make. 

Learn to excel in life and try to live every moment of your life with happiness and change all those things which force you  to adjust.

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