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Most of the new generation is suffering from this problem and thinking about how to overcome low self-esteem and unhappiness that is killing them from inside every day. You are also might be one of them and I am sure you are looking for the solution on my blog. Taking control of your life can be quite hard when you are not habitual of it but yes it can be done.

You might feel sometimes that you just wasted your day. The feeling of excitement doesn’t exist for you anymore. It feels like you are just living a life that is just going without any motive or enjoyment. Well if these circumstances are relating to what you are facing then don’t worry I have the perfect solution for you.

Let us discuss one by one


how to overcome low self-esteem:

how to overcome low self esteem

Choose Optimism

The first thing that matters for you to have a high self-esteem is optimizing your time. The minute you realize that all the happiness lies in making every second of your life, you are on the right track boss. People don’t understand this thing and just keep wasting their time scrolling their news feed.

You may think that I will use my social account for only for a few minutes but when those few minutes turn into hours you don’t get any clue. In the end, you only regret that I wasted my whole day doing nothing.

Whenever you feel that I am killing my time or I am bored try to do anything new or think about doing something productive. I personally feel that thinking about a productive activity is a much better habit than to think about useless stuff.

Simply think about the outcome that you will get after doing that unproductive activity and you will suddenly wake up. You will start to think that hey it doesn’t give me any benefit I am only killing my time.

Optimism gives you boost of confidence and better feel. After you start utilizing your time for good, you will feel energetic and great. The feeling of low self-esteem will now start to reduce after every utilized day.

Following a schedule

It gets very important for you to stick around a schedule. When you stick around a schedule which compels you to do something then you always feel good about yourself. You never question yourself because you know that you are doing your work properly.

You have that boost of milestones that you probably have achieved while following that tight schedule. If you haven’t have achieved then you know that I will achieve it one day for sure. These all things will eventually play a very crucial role in giving shape to your life.

Low self-esteem is simply an indication that you are not on the right track. The more early you read this indication the more it gets better for you.

how to over low self esteem

Make a schedule that doesn’t give you time to waste unless you are pretty determined to waste it. After all, it is your life and you know what is good and what is bad. Stick around that schedule and focus on getting and being something big.

You only have two option in life either become a person who only scrolls the newsfeed or become on who is being scrolled worldwide everyday.

You now have some idea of getting rid of the problem of low self-esteem. In this process, the next step is going to play a very important role which is

Controlling porn and sexual intentions


This is the part where most of us get stuck and all of our planning gets dumped. Yes, porn is something which can be very destructive sometimes especially if you are lacking behind your goals.

you know many people say that it is ok to watch porn and masturbate but believe me it is not. I have experienced and know what happens when someone gets trapped inside this vicious circle of watching porn. People literally lose their way of life and they don’t even get an idea.

You have to understand that everything is good when it is done in limits. Anything above the limit is not good for you. The people who watch porn every single or every other day they complain about low esteem problems.

This is because when you ejaculate then you realize that you have wasted your time and energy in such a crap that lead to nowhere but a dark well. Your mind only thinks of lust all the time. If you want to explore this topic in detail making sure that you check this article on how to quit porn and become productive.

Try quitting these things for at least 15 days and you will feel how much dedicated you have become. You will love yourself when your productivity meter gets up.

Have a goal

low self-esteem can also be because of having no way in life. you might feel confused all the time that where to go or what to do. Analyze your situation and decide what you can do and where your real potential lies. Realizing this will also help you in eliminating your low self-esteem problem up to some extent.

Set a goal and work on it everyday in order to acheive it.

If you set exactly the goal which your brain and heart loves to get then congratulations you have just unlocked the aim of your life. Working on it every day will lead you to one step closer towards reaching which will gradually help you in becoming a complete and happy personality.

The more you achieve the milestones the better you get and how low self-esteem is not a problem for you anymore. As you are on the exact path of the life which you should be on. However, if you are still confused about how to become more productive then make sure you check out my complete solution to increase productivity.

Be curious

You know instead of spending time on unnecessary things you must try to explore new fields. It can be anything like Astronomy related facts, reading books, traveling to a place where you always wanted to go, gaining some knowledge and experience from things that are just interesting in your aspect.

travelling to overcome low self esteem

Make a to-do list about every single thing and try to mark down as done by the end of the month or year whichever pattern you like the most.

When you develop this mindset of being curious all the time you will never feel this low self-esteem problem. This will develop your personality as well as your life. In my experience, I was always curious about everything and explored as much as I could to get my hands.

I have done things like observing the night sky with a telescope, understanding deep astronomy concepts, digital marketing, social media marketing, delivering food by becoming a delivery boy for some bucks. There is a hell lot of things I have experienced in my life especially when I was in my college.

Trust me on this explore as much as you can and you will love yourself as well as your life.

After you choose this habit low self-esteem will be history for you. You will think and laugh at yourself that I was struggling with such a stupid thing.


So these were some steps that you could take to get out of low self-esteem. Now you know that how to overcome low self-esteem. If you have any experience or suggestion just kindly comment down below and I would love to hear it from you.

Just remember that no problem is bigger than you. You are the key to every solution and you have to behave in a manner to take control of your life. Make your life big and cheerful

Have a good time ahead!




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