How to get god level energy

how to get god level energy

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People always ask how to get god level energy to excel in every field of life. Everyone wants to become a beast and conquer the world with their charisma and influence. If you are also one of them who likes to just kill it with enthusiasm and power then I […]


Shocking Facts about screen addicts

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We are moving to an era where the definition of life is getting limited to the screens. All around we can see that people sticking their heads in their phones and laptops. We are trying to find our happiness and fun on those screens. Our lives are getting trapped in that […]

This is what’s getting wrong about achieving something

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We all want to achieve something in life, be like someone and live our dreams. It can be anything like being an actor, dancer, singer, artist, writer or a dream job in a dream company. If you think that you will work hard, push your limits, and get what you […]

OK with the situation? You are lying because..

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Being just Ok with any situation means you are not happy from inside and you are desperately looking for help or change. If someone asks you that hows your life going and you answer just fine and ok! then you know deep down that you are lying. In simple words […]

Entrepreneurship is the only way to survive in the future

Entrepreneurship is the only way you can survive in future?

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Is Entrepreneurship is the only way through which you can survive in future? This prediction is being considered by the new generation in a very serious manner. As we are watching the problems that the college graduated are facing now and so will the one who will go through this […]

Start a business instantly

Top 10 profitable businesses you can start tommaro

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 Top 10 Business you can start instantly   It’s incredible if you are thinking something like this. Everyone who thinks to start a business should be appreciated. Now you are here because you have decided to start a business instantly for something good and new and that too you want […]

quitting porn

Struggling with porn addiction? Read this

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How to quit porn is the most common searched on the internet today. A majority of people still believe that watching porn after a limited interval is fine. But, You don’t get a clue when your part-time desire activity becomes an addiction. People get trapped in this cage for years […]

low self esteem

How to overcome low self-esteem quickly in 5 simple steps

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Most of the new generation is suffering from this problem and thinking about how to overcome low self-esteem and unhappiness that is killing them from inside every day. You are also might be one of them and I am sure you are looking for the solution on my blog. Taking […]

Dopamine Fast importance

What is dopamine fast? Why it is effective

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What is Dopamine Fast? Dopamine fast is a phase when you don’t get engaged in any activity that gives you pleasure and makes you feel good. It includes Listening to music, watching porn, using social media, nicotine,Shopping, No Sugary Dish, Quitting TV and web series. I know that this is […]

Earth's nightmare

Why you are not going to live for long!

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Yes! you read the title right. You are not going to live for a long time. The reason is the Changing things on the Earth which is leading us to our end. You and I we all have ignored it in the past and still ignoring this fact that something […]