Everyone is rushing towards technical jobs and certificates but believe me, To make decent money you don’t need to be a coder or hacker. You might say that its today’s trend but believe me there are hell lot of jobs other than just programming that will still be there in future.

The only thing that matters is that how much you are ready to take the risk and utilise your time.

As the demand is increasing the supply is also increasing at a very massive rate. Ultimately, if you don’t like to do a particular thing …you will fall and deep down you know that.


So, It is better to go with the thing that you like doing. This is where the experimentation with different things takes place.

Now I hope that you are ready to explore new skills this year for better money making opportunities.

5 amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money.

amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money
amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money

Content Writing

Being a content writer is the new buzz amongst the youth. The demand for content writers and bloggers is going to increase in 2019. It is a very rewarding career if you love to learn new things. All you need is good writing and explanation skills.

To become a professional content writer all it takes is a creating a personal blog and learn some SEO skills. I guess this will perfectly work for you.

According to experts by 2025 the need of content writers will be 8x to that of now. As every company is paying its attention towards maintaining their blog and provide valuable information to the normal people and customers.

The changing trend is giving writers the freedom to work from home. Even if you are a student, then also you can write content for others to generate some pocket money for yourself.

Graphic Design

This skill is one of the most amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money. Everyone loves graphic content because it is easy to read and explain the motive.

The people who are new to Instagram desperately look for people who can design social media posters for them that can generate some traffic for them. Major brands and startups are also in the same space.

Graphic design is a very wide category which includes photo editing, designing, logo designing, cover design etc. The opportunities are never going to end in this field.

People are literally making good amount of money just by posting gigs on fiverr.com and helping others with their influencial designs and solutions.

So, if you are a person who likes to be creative then don’t waste your time on bashing your head in that shitty java script code again and again.

Instagram Marketing

The best way to Monitize your free time is to create a Instagram page and build a following. This is part of the digital marketing but I preferred to suggest you this particular thing only because its very rewarding and easy to perform.

You can choose any niche as your base for the page and purchase bulk photos from any freelancing site. You can also do it on your own with sites like Canva.com and pixels.

Growing an Instagram page can be a complex thing in the starting phase but as soon as some regular traffic starts rolling in your page, the growth will start pacing up gradually.

Regular posting, analysing insights properly and observing your audience will help yo grow even faster.

The moment you will hit like 500 k or 1 million, you will start getting offers from brands and local businesses for promotion of products. Growing this skill can be a very profitable one for your life as well as career.

Video Editing and production

amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money
amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money

As the hype of YouTube is raising day by day, the need of creating and Editing Videos is increasing in the market. Video editing and production is one of the most essential and amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money.

Learning software like Adobe aftereffects, Premere pro can be very benificial in the upcoming years. Looking from the perspective of the industry as well, Companies look for attractive and engaging video content to advertise their products.

This simply means that if you know these skills then you are never out of work and opportunities.


Owning a DSLR and capturing stunning photos is always a thing to show off. You can always click amazing pics and Monetize your work by selling them on sites like Freepik. 

Shooting photos for boys and girls who want like on their Instagram and Facebook profile can be a good source of Income for you.

You can also create your own bog and showcase your talent for better results on internet. You just need to look for opportunities and capitalise them without wasting time.


So, These were list of Top 5 amazing skills to learn in 2019 for making money. I hope that you found it helpful and convenient. Your only motive should be to learn new skills this year.

Hope that 2019 may prove to be one of the best for you.

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