quitting porn

Struggling with porn addiction? Read this

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How to quit porn is the most common searched on the internet today. A majority of people still believe that watching porn after a limited interval is fine. But, You don’t get a clue when your part-time desire activity becomes an addiction. People get trapped in this cage for years […]

Dopamine Fast importance

What is dopamine fast? Why it is effective

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What is Dopamine Fast? Dopamine fast is a phase when you don’t get engaged in any activity that gives you pleasure and makes you feel good. It includes Listening to music, watching porn, using social media, nicotine,Shopping, No Sugary Dish, Quitting TV and web series. I know that this is […]

Quick guide to Intermittent Fasting

Things you need to know about Intermittent Fasting

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A perfect body is a dream of every person. Only a girl should possess a perfect body is a myth nowadays. Girls and boys are taking part are maintaining their body posture and fit health equally. This is not confined with age too. A person can be of any age […]

fasting on keto diet

Fasting on keto diet

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FASTING ON KETO DIET   In the past few years, the rate of adaptation to ketogenic diet has gained a bounce worldwide. Everyone who feels that he/she need to lose weight is directly opting for the ketogenic diet. Fasting on the keto diet is basically a diet which includes very […]