The changing reality of Holi

Holi is a festival of colors and we all love to get involved in this festival. We love to splash colors on everyone we know as well as on those who we don’t know.

On this day everyone tries to enjoy his/her life to the fullest. Bombarding different colours through water balloons, water guns and buckets is the main joy of this festival.

But, this is all changing and the joy of this festival is getting faded every year. There are many factors that are responsible for the changing reality of Holi.

Possible Reasons for the changing reality of Holi

The changing reality of Holi

Sophisticated People

Some People nowadays are just don’t want to move outside to play Holi or do any traditional activity. They feel it old fashioned and uncool to follow.

They prefer to watch a web series online, either telling people that their skin gets rough by playing Holi. Some who believe in celebrating, they do it by getting high on the name of God.

This western influence is literally killing our values and tradition. the more we are becoming modern, we are trying to avoid our culture which is our pride.

Our famous public figures are leading this change by influencing people to become something that is not their real nature #showoff #fake_modernization.

Water Scarcity

This is the second problem which is a major cause for the changing reality of Holi. People can waste water in cleaning their bodies 10 times a day to look beautiful but they don’t think of saving it for a better cause.

I mean just look at the trend that we have developed in our society. I don’t know why we have started to behave like immature beings. We are just accepting the problems instead of finding solutions of it.

The changing reality of Holi

Today, A normal 7th standard kid uses face wash two times a day to look perfect, youngsters bath 2 times a day i.e. one in the morning and the next after gym. But they keep saying “yes water supply is a problem“.

I don’t know what to call these type of people, but anyways water is a real problem in many parts of India and the World. We must think in a more responsible way to solve this one out instead of just complaining about it.

Point of Sarcasm

There are many pages on Facebook and Instagram which tell people their own definition of Holi. They believe that “meeting people with joy is the definition of Holi not playing with colors“.

You know which kind of people are the admin of these kind of pages and Instagram handles?

The one whom I mentioned above, people who even don’t know what is the reason behind celebrating Holi. Seriously, every year one video gets published on the Internet in which people are asked a simple question

Why holi is celebrated?

The changing reality of Holi

Some say that it is because our ancestors loved to play with colors, some say that they haven’t been told yet, and a hell lot of weird answers.

Developing India

Kids are more involved in PC gaming then real physical games. the new generation is more intelligent but weaker and unrealistic to that of our older generations.

They are more of a researchers then explorers, and rest glorification of our history is completed by our new modern schools that easily defame our religion and culture.

people don’t know about India’s rich and glorifying past, the names of the people who fought for glory and this country like the 21 Sikhs aginst 6000 Arabs. I mean how shameful is this that such a great story of bravery is still not in our books.

This development is literally causing harm to our culture that influenced the whole world in the history.


I enjoyed Holi in the best possible way but these problems need serious attention. These combined are the reason for The changing reality of Holi.

Yes, Fake Modernization is becoming a problem, and if you are a sensible person then you must have understood what I am talking about.

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