The #10-year challenge has taken over the net by storm. Everyone is posting their relevant photos and stuff to participate in this trend. But one thing that is considered by everyone is that we are destroyed the environmental resources to a major extent.

These photos say it all. Everyone is looking so much worried about the environment. But, the reality is that no one gives a fuck about doing something for its re-creation.

People scroll their feed, get worried for a moment and then again go to the shops and ask for additional plastic carry bags and throw them after using it carelessly.

Everyone is talking about getting success in the next 10 years, getting good physique and becoming better in their fields but no one is raising their voices against the system that is continuously hurting the Planet.

Today, everyone wants to become a programmer, an actor, a fitness model but no one is thinking about the consequences that everyone is going to face in the coming years.

Those difficult days have already arrived at many cities and locations. Cities like Delhi are suffering from pollution at an very alarming rate but the point to be noticed is that, people have just accepted it as part of their life.

They can afford to wear a mask but can’t leave smoking. According to MedicalNewsToday “The air pollution emitted by cigarettes is 10 times greater than diesel car exhaust, suggests a controlled experiment, reported in Tobacco Control”.

 Just think for a moment what if we stop smoking for a month, what a great impact it will make at the global level. Now that will be called a good initiative, not tagging friends on social media and showing care in the status that will dissappear in 24 hours.

No one really wants to give up their luxuries and everyone believes that the environment must be cleaned.

So until you don’t start to think like mature mind, don’t fake to be supportive and caring.

Do these if you really care

  1. Avoid Plastics as much as you can. Carrying a jute or cloth bag to the market is not uncool. Want to contribute? Do it.
  2. Don’t smoke and make others understand this fact as well.
  3. Use cycle sounds non-trendy! believe me its the best thing you can give to yourself and nature for a healthier tomorrow.
  4. Go for eco-friendly options most of the times whenever you have a choice to make.

This was just a small reality check on the reality of 10 years challenge covering the whole social media buzz. Hope that you will act in positive manner.

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