After a long time when I returned back to my hometown, I was wondering around thinking that nothing has changed in the past couple of years but suddenly I saw some of the people wearing pollution masks and I started to realize that maybe, the things are appearing to be unchanged but the circumstances have definitely changed and are getting to be worse by every passing day. I thought only Big cities are polluted but it seems like our growing needs are making the scenario complex and destructive in every part of the world where the species called “Humans” exist.

The Change

When I was a kid while playing around my locality I use to feel very comfortable and enjoying but now I miss that feeling because back there was no irritating noise of vehicles which nowadays hold the symbol of prestige more than just being a means of transport. My relatives and relatives were not conscious of the updating lifestyle and a dozen brands to choose from for their daily routine at least not for those useless ones that are added to our lifestyle only on the basis of advertising and market strategies making the product a social standard and necessity. The thing is that we are continuously converting our needs into luxuries. Mass producing the products that barely affects an individual’s reality.

Everyone is gossiping “environment is getting polluted”, “It’s getting harder to find clean and pure air to breathe”,”natural resources are depleting day by day”. But no one is doing the thing that can help in reducing the process we don’t want to sacrifice our luxuries and carrying on the pollution but we want pure air and healthier situations to live in. This thing that should be considered by each and every individual present on this planet is that Every single need or luxury which is fulfilled by using natural resources is an increment in the loop of our end”. It may be choosing plastic bags for carrying your stuff to your home and throwing it away afterwards or driving your car to cover up 1 km of distance just to save your prestige.

False Assumptions

I have heard different intelligent creatures saying that earth has a balancing mechanism in it and no matter how worst the things get it will automatically balance the situation. The world is full of people with the same mentality who think only about fulfilling their purpose no matter what cost. In a country like India where the population is above 1.3 billion have a considerable number of Highly educated souls who think that having more number of children equals more income in the house. Some of the religion gurus have their own agendas to defeat the population rate of the other religions by provoking their followers to have more number of kids. Some of the popular statements are “Islam is in Danger”, “We will make India an Islamic country by our population Burst”, “Each married couple in Hindus must have 10 kids” and a lot of shitty things if you are an Indian you might have heard these. The illusion in which this kind of people lives in must have to be cleared before it gets to late or otherwise strict action must be taken to avoid such misleadings.

China is one of the greatest examples of how proper and strict implementation of One child one norm slowed down their population growth rate. We know that our nature has limited resources and if we go on increasing our demand the only result we will witness is fighting for every single grain of food and water.

My World

Terrorism and War are also major threats for our living and future predictions because every single Grenade that is exploded counts on the destruction list as it doesn’t look contributing a single pie in favour of humanity. Terrorists are the advanced version of above-mentioned people with some extreme vision a huge plan to implement it and in order to conquer the world through Blasts and pushing the trigger of AK47 in public on the name of religion and imaginary moto they don’t get chance to move out of that scenario. The countries that suffer from this kind of mentality never find their way to develop and always remain trapped in a vicious circle where kids are trained to shoot and girls are not given even that much freedom to move out of their house.

Resistance to change the mentality is the root cause for all the never-ending fight with them and the world. The major part of their lives gets spent in useless kind of things due to that they never get to the comfort zones of their lives.


We can’t deny this fact that Every step we take is to fulfil our need but we must understand that we must not appreciate any kind of thing except that is not in the favour of our world that leaves our future generations with nothing. The time has come to choose and make our decisions wisely calculating the future possibilities. We still have some time left to make the things under control else we all know what kind of time is coming to haunt us.


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