Aquaman was a very amazing movie to enjoy with a pop corn tub. The movie was full of action, amazing scenes and a slightly different concept.

Aquaman released on 14 December, 2018 and got a great response from audience. No doubt, every aspect of the movie is interesting and enjoyable.

The movie crossed $1 billion mark in its overall collections and topped many charts. But, the thing is we watch the movie, we enjoy and we forget what was the hidden motive inside the movie that we should care about.

Here is the list of 5 things you missed to notice in Aquaman.

Human Interfarence

Human interference in Aquaman

The reason why Arthur’s brother wanted to attack the surface world was the interruption of the humans in sea life which is affecting the aquatic life every day.

You like it or not but its the sad truth that we are the reason why many aquatic animals are endangered and some are just near extinction.

This is simply because we humans are simply not ready to compromise with our luxuries and things we love to eat and consume.

Water Pollution

Water Pollution in Aquaman

Pollution is our real villain and it’s becoming greater than terrorism because it’s directly attacking our body without giving us pain.

But, here we are not talking about Air pollution, here we are talking about water pollution and the things we literally use throw simply. All the things are dumped in the sea without thinking about the problems that it creates for the animals living in the water.

As the movie progressed I thought that at the end there will be fight between Humans and the Sea creatures or at least something will be done in favor of the Sea but neither of this happened.

The plot of the story was shifted to another direction and after that no one mentioned this problem in the remaining part of the movie.

Realizing Your Value

Now let’s come down to the King Arthur’s part. In first half he was just a simple guy who didn’t wanted to become a king or take the root of glory and true destiny

He just simply avoided that because he wanted to live in his own space and enjoy his life with a chilled bear in his hand.

But as soon as he realizes that he is made for something big he finally decides to take the path he is mad for.

In life also sometimes we don’t know our real value, what differences we can make with just an idea or vision.

 “A Vision of one man can change the whole reality of this world.”

Finding Love

Love in Aquaman

In this movie the king never asked or expected that he will find the real soul mate in the journey but, at the end he gets her without any effort.

In real life also many people use apps such as Tinder and online Dating sites to find true love, but believe me the one who is made for you will need no efforts to make a bond.

You will meet and there will be an automatic burst of love that will be there at that moment in both the hearts. If that happens then don’t let her/him go away from your life “ever”.


The last thing that the movie Aquaman shows us is that there are still many things that are needed to be discovered. The Oceans are full of Surprises from Giant creatures to beautiful mermaids.

It also shows that there are still many secrets that are yet to be discovered. If you believe in yourself then you can find many hidden surprises that are hidden inside you.

The only condition is that you need to be crazy enough to explore the possibilities. Never hesitate to try somethings new in life and I am sure you will never be unhappy.


So, these were the 5 things you missed to notice in Aquaman movie. Hope that you will find some inspiration from these observations and you will contribute some positivity to the world.

In the end they didn’t shows the solution of the problem because till now there isin’nt any solution that exists.

Have a happy time ahead.

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