We all want to achieve something in life, be like someone and live our dreams. It can be anything like being an actor, dancer, singer, artist, writer or a dream job in a dream company.

If you think that you will work hard, push your limits, and get what you want in life. I must tell you my friend it aint going to happen in a that straight and simple manner.

Just think about these topics very seriously and you will know how the time is rushing towards a very sad era.



job perspective

People with tons of extra certifications are ready to work at low wages due to unavailability of work in companies.

The youth is really struggling with getting a good job. They are facing so much problems that some of then are literally living in depression.

Now you will say that the talented one always gets a job. Now what I am trying to make you notice is that

Nowadays being motivated and focused all the time to the goal have become a common thing. The way you think that I can acheive anything, your friend thinks the same way too.

Thanks to the social media pages and videos that are helping each one of us to work hard.

People are just engaging themselves and enhancing their skills every day to face the competition. You just can’t imagine that how hard it is nowadays to find a job that allows you to live even an ok kind of life as a fresher.

Other fields

Lets suppose you want to become a model and you are working very hard for that. You are going to gym and working on your physique a lot but when you feel prepared you decide to go for an audition.

Now what you see their is a long row of good looking and handsome guys is already their. There are maximum chances that some of them are maybe more good looking then you or have a more ripped physique than you.

You can estimated the changing reality by the fact that going to gym and having a good body is a common thing nowadays.

Earlier when someone had a good physique then people used to watched him from a different angle because a very selective number of people used to lift weights in those days.

Same is with other fields. You might think that the best always wins but who knows that there can be someone better than you.


As the more number of people are getting educated and skills the harder it is becoming to find work.

Now, I am not saying that education should not be there but the point is we are soon going to hit 10 billion means you have to be very unique and special to be different in this world.

The thought that is in your mind maybe some people are already working on that.

Before this scenario was quite easy because there were a limited proportion of people who were educated with a college degree in their hand.

People knew what they are going to do in life because their were very limited options and low living standards. This lead me to the third point

Society Up gradation

As the time changed we got developed, our needs got developed. Our demands have changed by the time.

Now, you can’t expect from a kid that he/she will believe in hearing stories from there parents in there free time.

They want there phones and I-pads which is quite annoying but its the reality.

In the race of development and getting modern we are leaving our values ad culture.

Due to this thing our expenses, luxuries and other things are getting added by every passing year.

So to manage all these things we look for multiple streams of income. Some people say it passive income as well.

All the fields that were not common are now common and everyone is just diving into the crowded ocean of opportunities to find his piece of gold but the reality is only 1/100 is getting it.

Rest all are just trying and trying hard to take their part of treasure.

Mental Pressure

People say that if you are very passionate about something then universe will make it happen but is it happening?

My friend was a very good cricketer and got many chances to play for his state but his family disagreed and doesn’t allowed him to play.

They wanted him to be a professional who works 9-5 and has a stable life. He jumped out of 8th floor of his college and died.

Lets face it, In country like India we don’t have the freedom to choose our life. we live mostly according to society and following others what he or she is doing.

Our all passion dies at the moment when we have to fight our families to do something different.

I still don’t understand that why parents think that if they educated their child upto college level then they have got rights to say anything if their son is not getting a job.

They don’t understand that the reality has changed. Even college with best placement records doesn’t guarantee a job by the end of the degree.

SO what to do?

We don’t have any choice other than polishing ourselves. Just don’t follow the tradition. never give up and become the master of your field.

Always explore and become a nice human first, observe every thing that is happening around you and learn the good points that you think can help you.

Rest we can’t do much about population and pollution which is soon going to end our world. Till then be energetic and charged to take on anything.

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Have a good time ahead.

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