Top workout myths

You love to spend time in the gym working out to achieve that dream physique. In the process, you get many suggestions and tips to get maximum out of the workout.¬†But all of the things which we try to implement is not true. It especially happens with the beginners as well as the pros. These workout myths include nutrition, exercises, and routine as well. Let’s jump right on to them:

The Workout myths list

Workout myths

Drinking the protein shake before the workout or after the workout

This is one of the most common workout myths which confuse many of you. I was also part of this when I was a beginner. Many of my friends prefer to drink it just after the workout, but what I feel is a bit different.

I observed that my workouts were great when I have my protein before the workout. This is because it gave me the energy to lift that additional pound of weight during my workout. Even experts say that if you are focusing on making gains and want to go heavy then this routine is good for you.

However, if you are focusing on losing weight then you can go with the other option to drink it after. The thing that matters is that how much protein is you consuming all throughout the day.

If you are just relying on only that one scoop then no matter when you drink it you will not make good progress. So, better focus on more consumption of protein. If you are confused to choose between the best protein in your budget make sure that you check out protein list according to the requirement and budget.

Going Heavy with low reps or light with higher reps

Workout myths of lifting

This is one of the popular workout myths. You might have heard from many of your friends that going with light weights is more effective than going heavy. If you are also by their side then you are wrong.

To make tough gains and progress you must try to exceed your limits regularly. It gets very important that when your muscles get used to a particular weight range you shock them with a heavy one in order to maintain the progress.

Lighter weights are best for beginners and cutting phase only. It makes them understand the proper way to get into the things. It gives their body a change in normal routine and adapts to a new one. During the cutting phase, this thing works for getting those muscles to look extremely carved.

If you are not in any of these phases then I would suggest you should go with heavy weights the next time you walk in the gym.

Masturbation makes you lose gains?

Although, I am a great supporter of No-fap movement. But, if you are an individual who does follow this routine for once a week or 10 days then you are totally fine. As it is a natural activity which is quite common in everyone’s life.

Even if you do it like for twice a week then also it is fine. Your sexual life is never going to affect your gains and hard work that you have put in your gym. But, Any ratio above this is not good for your workout as well as your health.

For a detailed explanation on this topic don’t forget to check my research and experience about porn and its effects.

While I was on my No-fap journey I felt that extra burst of energy that helped me to go for slightly heavier weights. It also increased my stamina bar a bit because I was not letting that vital energy to get out of my body.

The more you train the better you get

Training regularly workout myths

This statement is not one of the workout myths instead true but, it is said for a long term. you have to make training a part of life and not spending hours and hours in the gym. You need to train your body for somewhere between 50 minutes to 70 minutes a day.

It is sufficient time for your body to get that trained to its full potential. You will get your desired results in this bracket. However, if you go beyond this then it might cause negative effects to your gains.

One other related workout myths is that you have to train the maximum 4-5 times a week and minimum 3 times to be in shape. It is very important to give your body rest after the heavy workout. Proper relaxation gives the muscles time to recover and progress in the desired manner.

Working out in the morning is better than the evening workout

I am sure you probably follow this Workout myth of working out in the morning in hope of better results. Well, you might feel like you have better energy as your body just woke up from rest but it is not compulsory that morning schedule is best.

Do workout whenever you like because all that matters is that you roll into that gym or not. It doesn’t get affected by your time of working out. The maximum difference can be of your energy levels but hey your work life is more important I guess.

While I was in college and the day I worked out in the morning, by the end of the college I felt out of fuel. So, adjust your gym time according to your schedule, not by anyone’s recommendation.

Make sure that you have properly relaxed before one or two hours of going to the gym. It is sufficient time for your body to get a normal recovery to give you the boost in the gym to lift.

Cardio is the only option for fat loss

It is always told to the fat guys that do cardio for better results. This is also a workout myth which needs to be busted. Spending a whole lot of time on that treadmill is not going to make you lean. You need to understand that things take time to change.

You have to lift weights first then do a cardio session. Lifting weights will help you more in getting rid of that fat than cardio. Going for only cardio can lead to muscle loss which I don’t think you want at any cost.

Cardio also includes many types of cardio depends upon your goal. If your goal is to lose fat then I will prefer you go for HIIT i.e. high-intensity interval training. There is another one called Ninja- cardio. Do some research, set your goal and just go and do it.

Keeping cardio at the end of the workout will give you the best results because by then your glycogen stores will be empty. The body will use the fat cells as a source of energy for the rest of your workout.

Training Abs more and more for getting 6 packs

The first thing that counts here is your nutrition. If your nutrition is not under check then you will not get those packs ever. Ab exercises are also just a common exercise to train your abdominal it will not remove that fatty layer that is present over it.

It will go from continuous training and good nutrition. Good nutrition means a proper amount of Protein and fat in the diet. You can always have a better chance to get those abs after you consider these things first.

I am not saying that training your abs is worthless but it needs to be backed up with other important contents in order to get the desired result.

Consuming carbs at night

Workout Myths about carbs

Carbs are a very important source of energy for our body. We can; deny the crucial role that they play in keeping you energetic and working. Consuming carbs at night or day it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is the total caloric intake that you take.

If you go over with your carb intake then that might lead to some negative results but below the limit, it is a necessary thing to have. However, if you are planning to cut down protein from your dirt then it is a bad choice. Relying only on protein and fats can give you some bad experiences which I am sure you are not interested.

It includes a headache, low workout performance, eye pain, lack of focus and a whole bunch of other things. So, It is better to have a balanced diet,



These were some of the workout myths that are followed blindly. So, next time you hear about something or think to apply a new thing in your routine make sure to research about it. This was our list of top workout myths. Hope that you find it helpful.





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