Dopamine Fast importance

What is Dopamine Fast?

Dopamine fast is a phase when you don’t get engaged in any activity that gives you pleasure and makes you feel good.

It includes Listening to music, watching porn, using social media, nicotine,Shopping, No Sugary Dish, Quitting TV and web series. I know that this is sounding crazy but it is effective.

Sometimes it feels like we are just so engaged in life and the same routine that we lose the fun. It simply means that you don’t feel the same pleasure by performing a certain activity which it gave you when you used to do it very often.

Let’s Understand

Suppose you came to know about a new song which has a very awesome tune. You put on your headphones and played that song and felt charged and boosted.

Dopamine fast things

Now suppose you started to listen to it every day and one day you start to feel that it doesn’t give you the exact feel now as compared to the day when you listened to it for the first time.

That is the current scenario of our life. We are just so busy following our routine and fulfilling the same requirements that we start to hate our life because we are just so used to all the activities that are needed to be done with an interval.

That is why you need to do Dopamine fast after every month or couple of months. It doesn’t matter how you often you perform Dopamine fast but the fact is you need to do it. Doing this rewires your mind and your body, as well as the brain, gets a break to relax.

When we get engaged in any activity that is somewhere related to providing pleasure to us is a component to be avoided in Dopamine fast.

Forms of Dopamine Fast

There are various ways that you can do this Dopamine fast and get results. As you know there are many things that relate to the release of Dopamine in our body.

The feeling like being rewarded, motivation boosts intense pleasure which kicks your mood. You tend to repeat that activity again in order the same state that you felt previously.

This repetitive call of pleasure hormone that is Dopamine gets you in a phase you just feel very regular to the feel of reward and pleasure that is why you lose that excitement and the good feel that you got before.

Using Social media for half an hour can give you a good feel and the balance in life but when you stick to your Facebook account whole day long that is where you start to get frustrated and feel boring.

You must maintain a balance between every activity that you perform for pleasure and fun. It can be your sweet dish, the favorite snack or food, music and all that.

Because the biggest problem that comes in the package with these things is that when you don’t control them when they start to control you and make you feel addicted to them.

Getting into Dopamine Fast

I personally find it very hard when I first got involved in the process of Dopamine fast but it got easier the next time when I decided to roll in.

It helped me get back the discipline in my life, interest and the most important thing which is in control of my mind.

Sometimes I do it steps and sometimes becoming a complete saint to observe the outside world with simplicity.

Boycotting my phone and laptop to feel complete silence with a hungry belly to train my mind to get over the attractions of the world.

You might be thinking that it is very hard and I can’t do that. I have very important things to handle in life and I can’t live without my comfort for one day well that is totally your choice.

It is your life and deep down you also know that it is possible to try it once. Your control over your mind is what is being asked here.

Training your mind for developing a discipline and refreshment is never a bad call to take. This is the one way or you can divide it parts but this will not be a Dopamine fast anymore. But you can implement it to rewire your mind.

Ways other than Dopamine Fast

You can start by deleting your playlist. Yes, you just have to stop listening to songs for a while. The interval can be of anywhere between one week to a month.

When you stop searching for pleasure through temporary ways then you focus on your work to get that feeling of satisfaction and good feel. That is the key to life that you develop a habit of getting a permanent pleasure by putting the hard work.

That is too logical and might confuse you for a while. Let’s get back to our main topic. What are the other ways to maintain that balance in life?

Dopamine fast things

  • Quit TV for sometime
  • Try Sticking to a completely different diet that you eat now.
  • Stop watching porn and thinking about sex if you are a teenager(nofap).
  • Don’t buy new clothes and stuff that makes you feel good.
  • Drinking coffee and consuming other things that have a component like caffeine and nicotine.

In simple words take a break from any activity that makes you feel addicted to it. This will help you to regain your interest in that thing.

Final Conclusion

You are the in charge of your life and you have to decide what needs your attention and what don’t. Controlling every activity and maintain a proper balance is the key to success. Things like Dopamine Fast, Nofap are just tools to shape your routine and habits. It is totally your call to use these things or continue to struggle with the life that is out of shape and interest.

Remember Great People believe in Change and Evolution




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