Why I feel low all the time

The most common question many people ask these days is that “Why I feel low all the time“. I also felt the same way some years ago but believe me, as soon as I dig down to the reasons that caused me this problem it was unbelievable.

I figured out all the factors that were the reason why I feel low all the time and maybe these can be probably for your case as well.

5 reasons Why I feel low all the time

Why I feel low all the time

Lack of Routine

The first and the basic step that was killing my energy was not following a proper schedule. I was just out of routine.


I used to sleep at 4 am and wake up at 10. No proper eating and sleeping pattern was gradually causing me the lethargic feeling all throughout the day.

When I realized this thing I changed my routine. I shifted my sleep time to 11 pm that helped me wake up early in the morning.

Try following a planned schedule and trust me you will feel much better then before.

Improper Diet

Why I feel low all the time

Most of the times I used to eat fried food that was easily available in the store near by me to save time and efforts.

But this was a mistake, This habit of mine was making lazy and out of power. Those fatty foods were full of unhealthy stuff that was leading me to nothing but getting thick.

As soon as I changed my diet to a protein rich balanced diet, I felt more energetic to do any work and it felt good.

I you also follow the same track of unhealthy choices then you must change it soon for your betterment.

Exercise in the routine

Yes, Exercise is very important from the aspect of boosting confidence and energy in the body. I realized this fact after loosing some extra pounds from my body and going heavy in the gym.

Exercise not only helps you to get in shape but also to make your mind healthy in the process to think big.

You must join a gym or go for running in the morning or evening whenever you get some time. This will lead you to a much better state in comparison to that of now.

I personally prefer joining a gym because lifting heavy and getting a good physique helps gain your motivation to excel in life.

The power to fight any consequence that comes to your life. This is why people who go to the gym regularly know the importance of that one or two hours of workout.

Because for them no matter how much there is stress in their life, give them one hour of gym and they will all charged up to handle any situation.


Why I feel low all the time

Still after all the above imprvements if you have the question in your mind that why I feel low all the time then maybe you are addicted to porn.

Porn addiction is one of a serious evils of society these days. Many people say that it is natural and healthy but its not completely true.

You will never know that when your part time luxury got converted into a necessity. It is a major cause of depression and frustration among the youth.

It not only drains down your vital energy but also drives you in a mood in which you don’t want to work or study.

So keep this in check that your luxury should remain luxury and not be repeated more that 3 or 4 times a month.

Lack of self esteem

Having a low self esteem can also be a reason why you feel low. This can happen due to failure, rejection or unfair events. But you have to understand this fact that nothing is going to change unless you decide to change it.

You have to fight against all the negativity and break the chain of failure and unhappiness.

Living in guilt and regret is the most dangerous thing you could ever do to your body.

So forget everything and accept the challenge with a promise to face it with a brave heart.

Start working towards your goal everyday and once you start to make progress you will be happy with yourselves. Your guilt will slowly start to disappear but only if you start to optimise your time and resources.

Interest Conflict

Why I feel low all the time

The last reason that makes many of us feel low is the work. The thing that you want to do and the thing you are doing. If you don’t feel good in doing anything just leave it.

Remember its one life and you can’t live with a regret that I must have done that thing at that part of my life.

DO whatever you like and the rest things will be fine automatically. Go out, travel, make new friends, explore and do amazing stuff everyday so that you can be happy from inside.

I found my happiness in writing and expressing stuff. That’s why I am writing this article and am very happy about it


These were some of the reasons why I felt low and probably can be yours. So the next time your mind asks you this question that Why I feel low all the time, you know where to look.

I hope that you found this article helpful. have good time ahead. Do whatever you want to do and be happy.

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